Triangle Strategy: Chapter 4 – A New Dawn Walkthrough

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  • Exploration Event: Rosellan Village
  • Main Story: Rosella Village
  • Exploration Event: Grand Norzelian Mines
  • Combat Event: Grand Norzelian Mines

Regardless of the route you picked in Chapter Three, Triangle Strategy's story reconvenes for this chapter. This chapter is an interesting one, giving you some glimpses of the Grand Norzelian Mines and the living situation of the Rosellan peoples in Glenbrook.

As a result, it's important to pay attention during this chapter. There are two exploration events and a battle to contend with, so there are plenty of items and tidbits of info to miss. But don't worry, you're in safe hands with us.

Exploration Event: Rosellan Village

In this event, Serenoa takes Frederica to a Rosellan Village within Glenbrook's borders to ask them to make a dress for their wedding. While Frederica is having her measurements taken, Serenoa is prompted to take a look around the village. This is an exploration event with lots of interesting lore to pick up from the Rosellans, but also a few to grab, too.

Items, Notes, And Information

HP Recovery PelletAt the back of the shorter building, to the left of the ladder.
HP Recovery PelletInside the well in the middle of the village.
300 CoinsInside the house at the front of the village, next to the shelves.
Marvels of Norzelia, Vol. 10Inside the house at the front of the village, on a shelf.
The Roselle in the Wolffort DemesneSpeak to the Elder and choose a Conviction option.
Serenoa's DutySpeak to the Rosellan to the right of the Elder, in front of the house.

Conviction Conversations

Conviction Conversation: Rosellan Elder
I would have done the same. We have a duty to help those in need.Morality
I pray the day soon comes when you no longer require protection, and are free to live your lives unfettered.Liberty
And I intend to honor that. Let us work together, and make this land a prosperous one for your people.Utility
Conviction Conversation: Rosellan Child
You'll be able to venture further afield when you're older. And when that day comes, I'll show you both around the demesne myself.Liberty
Ah, but there's plenty of fun to be had here! I'm sure your mother would be pleased if you took up hunting or fishing.Utility
That's because you're precious to her. You'd do well to heed her words.Morality

Once you've talked to everyone you want, you can end the exploration and view a series of scenes that hint at upcoming events.

Main Story: Rosella Village

Frederica tells Serenoa about the dress fitting just as Roland surprises the group with his happy news. They decide to head to the mines without delay.

Exploration Event: Grand Norzelian Mines

Dragan sure seemed shift at Roland's arrival, didn't he? After a short scene, you'll receive The Power of Salt added to your Notes and get a chance to explore a small area of the mines. As ever, this comes with some things to pick up.

Items, Notes, And Information

Large HP Recovery PelletNear the miner just past Roland.
Vanguard ScarfOn the ledge just above and to the right of Erador.
StoneOn the stone pillar near Anna.
450 CoinsNext to the wall between Erador and an Aesfrosti Miner.
Mining ScheduleOn the ledge above Frederica.
Svarog AesfrostSpeak to the Aesfrosti Miner near Frederica.

The Vanguard Scarf is a very useful accessory, be sure not to miss it.

Conviction Conversations

Conviction Conversation: Benedict
Seeing as it is a joint accord, I would resolve the matter peaceably with Hyzante and Aesfrost's involvement.Utility
I would hear of the problems firsthand from the miners themselves. Issuing orders blindly from above leads to chaos.Liberty
I would order an investigation into the cause, and find the party or parties responsible. There must be no cause for bad blood between our nations.Morality

Two quite short exploration events in this chapter, huh? Once you have talked to everyone you want to and picked up everything you can, end the event and prepare for some conflict.

Combat Event: Grand Norzelian Mines

And things seemed to be going so well – it turns out Dragan got outplayed. Your foes here are Aesfrosti soldiers who have been tasked with eliminating Dragan. Luckily for him, we're on the scene.

Battle Overview

Recommended Level5
Enemies5x Aesfrosti Blade, 3x Aesfrosti Bowman, 3x Aesfrosti Shieldbearer, 1x Aesfrosti Healer, 1x Aesfrosti Battlemage
DeploymentDeployment Limit: 9 Units
Mandatory Units: Serenoa
Recommended Units: Geela, Hughette, Erador, Anna
Guest Units: Dragan
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies.
Do not let Dragan die.
Difficulty★★★☆☆ (3/5)

You're up against a pretty sizeable horde of enemies here, and it's quite a varied bunch, too. It's also very important to note here that it's game over for you if Dragan gets defeated. Do everything you can to stop this from happening.

Luckily, you can take in your entire roster with you for this battle, and Dragan has a pretty good head on his shoulders. Once you've managed to take the heat off of him, he should head to a safe part of the battlefield and camp out.

Grand Norzelian Mines Battle Strategy

One of the first things you should consider in this battle is to equip Erador with the Vanguard Scarf that you (hopefully) picked up during the exploration event and put him on the tile closest to Dragan. This accessory makes the wearer go first in any battle they're in, and this is great for getting Erador a headstart towards the flimsy lord.

On his first turn, consider using Sprint to boost his movement and then moving him forwards.

Some of the Aesfrosti units in this battle have the Blessing of Ice passive skill. This gives them resistance to ice attacks while making them weak to fire. Keep this in mind as you're controlling Frederica and, if you picked him up in Chapter Three, Corentin.

Hughette is the perfect unit for taking out the Bowman on the high ledge, but beware the fact that she has an innate weakness to arrows herself as a result of her hawk mount. There are a few ways to deal with this weakness:

  • Use Benedict's Bulwark on her before you send her over there.
  • Blind the Bowman with Blinding Arrow.
  • Have a healthy stack of Recovery Pellets, as Geela's healing is better used elsewhere.

It's likely that you'll learn some really useful abilities during this battle. Three of note are:

  • Roland's Opportune Attack, which gives him an extra, passive attack against a random adjacent enemy whenever he moves five tiles in one turn. Use this whenever you can.
  • Geela's Haste spell, which improves an ally's speed. Use this on your most important units – in this battle, these will probably be Erador, Hughette, and Geela herself.
  • Frederica's Blazing Chains spell, which doesn't have the same area of effect as Scorch, is incredibly powerful as a tradeoff.

One of the keys to victory in this battle is not to overextend. It's all too easy to launch forwards into groups of enemies and end up losing units. Only Erador can reliably handle multiple combatants attacking him at once, and even he will need some healing support from time to time.

Instead, your regular units should try to lure groups of enemies towards them so that they don't get surrounded and follow-up attacked to death.

Once the battle is over, you'll witness some shocking, sad scenes. The plot thickens. Onto Chapter Five!

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