Treyarch Is Resurrecting A Beloved Zombies Perk For Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Die Maschine has six perks as of writing this, not including the one-stop-shop at the top of Nacht der Untoten. Those are the classic Jugger-Nog, Speed Cola, Quick Revive, Deadshot Daiquiri, Stamin-Up, and the brand-new Elemental Pop. However, Treyarch is reviving a perk of old from Black Ops 2 come next season – Tombstone.

What Tombstone does is pretty simple: when downed, you can spawn a power-up akin to carpenter or nuke, and this power-up kills you on the spot. However, when you spawn in the next round, you won’t have lost anything barring the Tombstone perk. What this meant was that you’d keep guns and perks, but with scrap for crafting now on the table and kill streaks up for grabs, there’s a whole new layer.

With the way that Cold War works, in that it adds upgrade paths to perks, it’ll be interesting to see how Treyarch modify this classic that only saw the light of day on one map – Tranzit (or two if you count Town). Quick Revive went from bringing back solo players to adding a health boost, with a new craftable item replacing its old use, so with Tombstone being a similar, revive-based perk, who knows where Treyarch will go with it?

Much like Deadshot, the entire perk has had a visual rework, with brighter, popping colors, and new graphics. That’s all that’s been revealed thus far, in celebration of the new year, but season 2 isn’t all that far away. Come February 24, Cold War’s second outing will commence, and with it, a new perk will be ushered in alongside a new zombies map.

Tombstone was actually leaked last year alongside 3 other perks. With it now being confirmed by Treyarch, perhaps there is some legitimacy to these claims. The other 3 leaked were Mule Kick, Double Tap, and PhD Flopper. Whether these are actually coming back has yet to be confirmed, but it’s looking more and more likely.

Other leaks claim that a new zombie mode is coming at the tail-end of season 1; Cranked will see players fighting zombies at a rapid pace as, otherwise, they will explode. Jingle Hells is naturally out the door with Christmas over and done with, but that’s not to say that 2021 won’t be filled with zombie additions that keep Cold War’s momentum going, especially if the leaks pan out. And who knows? Perhaps Tombstone’s return can resurrect the love for Black Ops 2 – we don’t talk about it enough.

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