Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: How To Complete The Shrine Of Aaron G Temple Puzzle

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  • Finding The Shrine of Aaron G
  • The Shrine of Aaron G – Piece #1
  • The Shrine of Aaron G – Piece #2
  • The Shrine of Aaron G – Piece #3
  • The Shrine of Aaron G – Piece #4

From the creators of the Borderlands series comes an all-new adventure based on the world-famous table-top RPG known as Dungeons and Dragons. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands adapts the incredible Borderlands universe into a fully customizable adventure where you can live out your wildest dreams beyond the stretches of Pandora.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands takes a new spin on the series by introducing Overworld shrines that you can stumble upon as you progress through the game’s campaign. Shrines provide permanent buffs that can elevate your gameplay, with each buff being specific to the Shrine you complete. You will be able to complete these shrines by collecting their pieces across the Overworld.

Finding The Shrine of Aaron G

The Shrine of Aaron G is one of the easier shrines to find. Once you’ve completed the “The Son of a Witch” questline, you’ll be placed in the Patched Wastes section of the Overworld. Head northeast, and you’ll come across The Shrine of Aaron G.

The Shrine of Aaron G – Piece #1

The first piece can be found in the dungeon towards the left of the shrine. Simply enter the dungeon, defeat the boss, and pick up the drops at the end.

The Shrine of Aaron G – Piece #2

Once you complete the previous dungeon, head back to the original Shrine of Aaron G. This time, look to the right and there is another dungeon for you to challenge. Follow the same process as before and receive your second piece.

The Shrine of Aaron G – Piece #3

After completing the second dungeon, you should head towards the entrance of Ossu-gol Necropolis. Here you must follow the laid-out path and find the character named Blatherskite. This NPC will give you the side quest “Pocket Sandstorm” and once you complete it, Blatherskite will open the entrance to the third dungeon. Follow the steps as before to pick up your third piece.

The Shrine of Aaron G – Piece #4

After collecting your third piece, head to the entrance of Sunfang Oasis. Go down the hill, towards your left, until you reach the edge of the cliff. You’ll notice that the final piece is behind a barrier. To the right is a button and if you interact with it the barrier will come down, and you can get the piece.

Completing the shrine will give you a permanent +25% loot fortune buff.

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