This Week In Elden Ring: Catching Invisible Scarabs, LOTR References, And Jellyfish Children

It's a mixed bag of Elden Ring news this week. We've got some veteran Tarnished who've discovered how to make things in The Lands Between easier with some life hacks. Then there are a bunch of Lord of the Rings fans who've placed their favourite characters into the game. And lastly, a very grim theory about jellyfish.

PSA: Use Homing Spells To Catch The Invisible Scarabs

Our first pro tip came from CatPlayer on Reddit who showed us an easy way of catching those annoying invisible scarabs. All you want to do is murder them and get those Ashes of War, but the inconsiderate bugs don't care and just roll away. The worst are the invisible ones that only leave a shimmer on the ground.

CatPlayer suggests casting Greatblade Phalanx and just waiting. The ethereal swords will automatically detect the invisible scarab and murder it to give you those Ashes of War you crave.

Player Figures Out How To Get Into The Capital Early

The Royal Capital of Lyndell has a very strict border policy. Sure, it might let in monstrosities and nightmares of every kind, but a Tarnished? Absolutely not! Besides its high walls and nigh impenetrable gates, entry to the city is also guarded by the formidable Draconic Tree Sentinel.

Fortunately, Reddit user MarchesaofTrevelyan figured out a way to sneak into the capital even if you haven't been cleared by customs – or you know, Godrick. The trick is to first get teleported to the capital via the trap chest in the Tower of Return. Usually, you're stuck there as you can't operate the lift, but this method calls for some precise positioning, falling, and drinking a flask of Wonderous Physick that contains the exploding Ruptured Crystal Tear. The explosion animation triggers just as you hit the ground and cancels out the fall damage.

Players Re-Enact Iconic Lord Of The Rings Scenes

Every Lord of the Rings fan has a moment when they're sitting at home and wishing they were off on an adventure. However, two Elden Ring players discovered that they don't need to leave home to adventure like Frodo and Sam.

In a video uploaded to TikTok by PickleLover, we see two players dressed like Hobbits in the game, getting up to the same things we've seen in the movies. We see them hiding from a member of the Night's Cavalry as if it were a Ring Wraith, sneaking around with a glowing sword resembling Sting, and reenacting the part where Sam saves Frodo from Shelob.

Someone Perfectly Cut Aragorn Into Elden Ring

Playing around as the Hobbits in The Lands Between is dangerous considering there are way more horrors than even Mordor could hope to contain. That's why somebody decided that they would splice Aragorn into the game – and not just a lookalike, they put Viggo Mortensen from the movie into cutscenes from the game.

Aragorn can be seen taking on a Tree Sentinel on horseback, attacking Margit with Skeletal Militiaman Spirit Ashes as if they were the ghost army, helping Alexander the Iron Fist without breaking his toe, and even encouraging his allies in the fight against Radahn.

Fan Theory Suggests Peaceful Jellyfish Are The Spirits Of Dead Children

Of course, no conversation about FromSoftware games goes by without something morbid. Remember those giant jellyfish floating around the land? You could attack them to pick up some Runes, but you may rethink that after listening to this theory.

Reddit user Puzzleheaded_Safe131 theorized that the jellyfish actually used to be children who have been subjected to a cruel fate. They back this up by pointing out that the two jellyfish you can summon actually have graves in the Mountaintop cemetery. "Here lie Aurelia and Aureliette, who never saw the stars," reads the description on their graves. I’m not crying, you are.

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