This Lord Of The Rings Lego Build Has 150 Million Pieces

The Lord of the Rings was written masterfully and then filmed with epic scale. No one dared to recreate its expanse–unless you’re Minecraft-savvy–until a team of 50 designers got together who wanted to build an inspired diorama from Lego.

Freshly certified by the Guinness Book of Records, this Lord of the Rings-themed monster build is a mind-blowing feat for any Lego enthusiast. Constructed using 150 million pieces–a staggering number to get your head around–the largest interlocking plastic bricks diorama is deserving of every accolade. The build may have taken three years to complete, but we’re certain that the designers still carry some blisters on their fingers.

The official Guinness World Records video shows an overhead view of the build on display. Appearing in Shenzhen, Guangdong, and China, the detailed diorama captures a host of locales, armies, creatures, and iconic scenes from The Lord of the Rings. Pelennor Fields, the Black Gate, and armies of Uruk-Hai bearing the white hand of Saruman can be seen during the fly-over video, where more details emerge the closer you look. There’s even a river of lava running down the embankment surrounding its representation of Mordor, and the towering Gondor-styled buildings are majestic in amongst the flora.

Another recreation of Tolkien’s work being developed is Athlon Games and Amazon Game Studios’ new MMO. Thanks to the release of various legal documents, the new fantasy title is expected to release in September 2022 for open beta. Announced in 2018, the anticipated MMO is expected to be as vast as its source material, but offer some originality to the franchise alongside the existing The Lord of the Rings Online. Releasing a game of this substance within four years of its announcement is almost as impressive as the diorama, but we look forward to welcoming it into the Tolkien universe.

As various Middle-earth-related creations charge onto the scene, one project takes a disappointing step back. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum has been delayed until next year, after developer Daedalic Entertainment signed a co-publishing agreement with Nacon. Initially scheduled for a 2021 release, the spin-off title has not been given a narrow release window, and we sadly have no choice but to let Gollum fall into the shadow of many industry delays.

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