This Early Concept Art For Black Myth: Wukong Is Incredible

A couple of months ago, we got our first look at Black Myth: Wukong, an upcoming action-adventure RPG from Chinese studio Game Science.

The game is definitely set in Chinese mythology as it sees the player take control of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, as he sets off on a journey of redemption to regain his place in the Chinese pantheon. Or maybe he’s just going out to murder a bunch of demons–it’s not entirely clear from the first trailer.

Industry analyst and Asian games specialist Daniel Ahmad has some new Black Myth: Wukong concept art to share with us today from Game Science art director Yang Qi. These beautiful pieces show us the art style that inspired Black Myth’s otherworldly and definitively Chinese aesthetic, but with clean, modern lines.

First, we have a wet monkey, then we have an iron state, followed by a multi-headed rock demon. Finally, there’s a white and wounded dragon that seems to be recuperating on the side of a mountain. All of these images all look like modern takes on ancient imagery, which is exactly the sort of style that Game Science is going for in Black Myth: Wukong.

In case you missed it the first time around, Game Science revealed Black Myth Wukong in a 13-minute long trailer back in August. Besides the fact that this was easily the longest initial reveal trailer of any game, ever, it also showcased so many of the game’s mechanics and opening cinematics that it caused a real stir.

Although the game appears to be fairly far along, Ahmad said that Game Science expects that Black Myth: Wukong is still roughly two years away from release. There’s also no mention if the game will be a worldwide release or if this will stay strictly for the Chinese market, although the trailer makes it seem like Game Science has worldwide aspirations.

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