These Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters Cosmetic Codes Unlock Darig-Themed Items And More

Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Gate -Daemonhunters is out now and we at TheGamer have a few free codes to giveaway that will net you some in-game cosmetics, most of which are themed around Darig, a Brother-Captain of the 7th Brotherhood.

So long as you have the game, you can enter these codes to earn your rewards, and they aren't limited or location-based, so everyone globally can try them out.

Darig's Rage – Incinerator

To unlock the Incinerator, the code is 7f322806-e0e9-4c6b-bf73-3a06acbfc7d5.

Darig's Spite – Psycannon

To unlock the Psycannon, the code is 8a291997-d533-4c7f-a01a-1c35c373ecf6.

Deliverer – Narthecium

To unlock the Narthecium, the code is 68700a56-40e6-4f5b-8915-2c468e5611fe.

Authority – Crozius Arcanum

To unlock Crozius Arcanum, the code is 23b83d02-021c-4b4c-9d53-e4a3ebffd14c.

Darig's Discipline – Hammer

To unlock the Hammer, the code is e8dc02c1-3f85-4f3b-9047-78681d334932.

Darig's Reach – Halberd

To unlock the Halberd, the code is 575d334c-2c25-4f53-b522-84e6db77214a.

You can use all of these codes or a select few, picking your favourite cosmetics of the bunch – the choice is yours. But if you want to unleash carnage in the world of Warhammer, you may as well do it with style, and nothing says style like a bright blue halberd or a stumpy flamethrower ready to unleash a wave of fire on some unsuspecting foes.

If you haven't heard of or played Chaos Gate yet, writer Adam Carr described it as a "grimdark XCOM" in his review for TheGamer. It's a turn-based RPG in which the Grey Knights face off against the Chaos who are trying to infect the galaxy with the Bloom, an "intergalactic cosmic plague capable of rotting worlds into oblivion."

It's available right now on PC for £34.99 so if you want to dive in and give the world of Warhammer a try, this might just be the game to reel you in on the hook. And you can enjoy some free cosmetics to spruce up your characters while you're at it. You can't stop the Chaos without a good fashion sense, eh?

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