These Kingdom Hearts Tumblers Cost $600 Each

Square Enix has revealed new Kingdom Hearts merchandise to coincide with its 20th anniversary, including glass tumblers that cost $600 each.

Kingdom Hearts had its 20th-anniversary celebrations just over a week ago, with the big announcement being that Kingdom Hearts 4 is in development and will feature Sora trying to escape from Quadratum. As you'd expect from Square Enix, a lot of new merchandise was showcased at the event, including some very expensive items.

Although expensive Kingdom Hearts merchandise is far from a new concept, some of the items revealed during the 20th-anniversary celebrations are raising some eyebrows thanks to their price tags. The most expensive merchandise in the collection is a set of admittedly beautiful glass tumblers that feature Kingdom Hearts iconography and go for 77,000 Yen each, or about $600.

Square Enix showed off the lengthy creation process behind each tumbler in a new video on its Twitter account, which ended up drawing attention to how expensive they each are. The price point quickly went viral around the Kingdom Hearts community, with some joking that one glass costs even more money than a current-gen console that'll likely be needed to play the next game in the series. If you want a good reference point, Square Enix also has a chess set up for sale that replicates the one seen in Kingdom Hearts 3 for the same price as just one of the glass tumblers.

Sadly, this is far from the first time that Square Enix has given the munny pouch of Kingdom Hearts fans a good shaking. Not only does the 20th-anniversary collection feature similarly expensive items like glasses, plates, and premium jewellery, but Square Enix has previously sold suitcases, watches, and rings that cost well over $300 each.

Still, despite the numerous instances of Square Enix selling incredibly expensive Kingdom Hearts merchandise, the fancy glass tumblers are one of the first items to truly baffle the community, perhaps because of how expensive it is for just the one glass.

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