There’s A Skyrim Podcast On Spotify That Reads All The In-Game Books To You

For those Skyrim bookworms out there, a Spotify playlist exists solely for you. Featuring such classics as Unexpected Allies, To Dream Beyond Dreams, The Wandering Skald, and even The Aetherium Wars, Spotify’s Skyrim Book Club is a welcome surprise for The Elder Scrolls 5 fans and audiobook lovers alike.

Just don’t tell Hermaeus Mora we can now read the Black Books without opening them.

We have all been there, maintaining one’s growing library in their residence of choice, whisking off various books and notes acquired along our eventful journeys through the northern lands of Tamriel, only for them to be set aside on some bookshelf never to be looked at again. Whether it is lugging all of these tomes back to one’s home, or simply sifting through them all to read individually, it becomes more so a chore than a pleasant pastime to enjoy Skyrim’s richly immense collection of in-game literature.

The Skyrim Book Club podcast on Spotify makes diving headlong into these lovely crafts of fiction and alternative writings all the more enjoyable and far less painstaking. The collection holds within nearly every conceivable bit of in-game text imaginable, including even specific letters sent to the Dragonborn, as well as journals and notes that may not exactly be considered tomes, yet are still interesting nonetheless. Whether it be to brush up on your Elder Scrolls lore or simply peruse the long-winded history of Skyrim itself, this book club has it all covered with many, many hours’ worth of content.

Although it may seem funny to those players unacquainted with the myriad works of wonder in Skyrim, these uninitiated few may not realize just how valuable and in-depth these in-game books truly are, what with a multitude of hidden in-world details jam-packed within them. It’s honestly one of the reasons I and many others still play Skyrim, not merely to experience random new oddities, but to also learn more about this precious world and the underlying nature of its mystique.

Without these works, now brilliantly fed to us without the necessity even to be within Skyrim at all, the less we would truly know or even understand about its world writ large. And (for me at least), the Skyrim Book Club likewise alleviates much of the burning hype still bubbling to the surface as The Elder Scrolls 6 draws ever-closer. It may not be the same as reading them in-game, but at least they can now be experienced in tandem with the unreplicable beauty of a Skryim sunrise.

It’s back to The Lusty Argonian Maid for me.

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