The Witcher 3: How To Get The Best Ending

If there’s one thing you should know about The Witcher series, it’s that players have a ton of choices that can affect the game’s story. Most famously, The Witcher 2 has an entirely different second chapter based on a decision you make towards the end of the first. The Witcher 3 might not be as dynamic, but your choices throughout the game will result in a possible 36 different endings.

Unless you just want to see the world burn, there’s really only one choice for each character that works out to being “the best.” Ciri joining Geralt as a Witcher and Geralt living with Yennefer are probably what you’re after. It would be a shame to play for 50 hours, fall in love with both, and then lose them.

Following this guide (or using it as a starting point) will ensure that you can achieve your best possible ending when playing through The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. For those that wish to play the game blindly, use this as your spoiler warning.

Ciri’s Fate

The most dynamic of conclusions deal with Ciri. She has a total of three different outcomes depending on what actions Geralt makes. Three of those actions alone come in the mission “Blood on the Battlefield.” How you approach Ciri, whether or not you visit the Emperor, and whether or not you accepted coin from the Emperor for bringing him Ciri. It’s a lot to keep in mind.

Your completion of a series of sidequests will even determine part of her fate. These include “An Eye for an Eye,” “A Deadly Plot,” “Redania’s Most Wanted,” and “Reason of State.” Those last two will require you to make a lot of progress through the main story. Still, you don’t have to worry too much if you just follow these steps.

Ciri Dies

Achieving this ending (you cold-hearted bastard) will require you to make three negative decisions with regards to Ciri. During your initial confrontation with her in “Blood on the Battlefield,” have Geralt say, “Relax, you don’t have to be good at everything.” Later on in the mission, visit the Emperor, accept payment for escorting Ciri to him, and say, “Definitely need it more than you.”

During the mission “Final Preparations,” accompany Ciri to the meeting with the Lodge of Sorceresses. Following that event, during “The Child of the Elder Blood,” tell Ciri to calm down when she starts to lose her temper. Finally, when progressing through “The Child of the Elder Blood,” tell Ciri there is no time when she asks to visit Skjall’s grave. You don’t need to do all five, but that will 100% ensure that Ciri’s fate is sealed by the end.

Ciri Lives, Becomes a Witcher

To get this ending, you’re basically going to be doing the opposite of the last set of instructions. You’ll need to make four positive decisions throughout the game to see Ciri join Geralt as a Witcher. The first step is to not bring Ciri before the Emperor during “Blood on the Battlefield.” Later during that mission, say to her, “I know what might lift your spirits” when comforting her.

In “Final Preparations,” encourage Ciri to go by herself to the Lodge of Sorceresses. When she loses her temper in “The Child of the Elder Blood,” tell her to go for it. Lastly, accompany Ciri to Skjall’s grave when she asks if there is time.

Ciri Lives, Becomes Empress

This one is the most involved of Ciri’s endings. While a lot of the decisions are made during the same missions as the other endings, you’ll need to complete a series of sidequests in Act Two and Three to ensure Ciri takes up the throne.

Firstly, bring Ciri to the Emperor during “Blood on the Battlefield.” During Act Two, make sure to complete the sidequests “An Eye for an Eye,” “A Deadly Plot,” and “Redania’s Most Wanted.” In Act Three, start “Blindingly Obvious” and make sure to be nice to Dijkstra. Feed him information about Ciri, which will unlock the quest “Reason of State.” Complete that quest and side with Vernon Roche and Ves against Dijkstra.

Now the rest is making three positive decisions with regards to Ciri. You can basically repeat the steps from her Witcher ending here, though you’re given a little leniency with choices.

Geralt’s Fate

Where Geralt ends the game is solely up to his romance options. Romance Triss Merigold and Geralt will move to Kovir with her. Stay loyal to Yennefer and the two will retire from their hunting lifestyles to occasionally take baths together. If you forgo any romance or try to woo both ladies, Geralt will end up alone and continue witching through the country.

Miscellaneous Endings

The rest of the permutations for The Witcher 3’s endings deal with side characters in the game. Some choices you make will result in different epilogue missions while others will get short cutscenes that are interjected during the main ending cinematic. This is very similar to how Mass Effect handled side characters showing up in sequels. There’s a little too many to list, but most won’t really care about Skellige’s plight.

Some of the more notable sidequests even have their own ending variations. During “The Whispering Hillock,” you can choose to kill the creature or free it. The first will see Velen at peace while the latter will see the town destroying. Completing “Now or Never” will see the mages escape Novigrad while ignoring it will turn Novigrad into a mage deathtrap.

It’s quite remarkable how many different options are available, but most players will likely want to see Ciri as a Witcher and Geralt with Yennefer. You now know how to achieve this, so happy hunting. Make sure not to piss off too many villagers on your travels.

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