The Witcher 3: Broken Flowers Main Quest Walkthrough

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Despite his consistent interventions in disputes across the continent, Geralt doesn't generally enjoy getting involved in others' affairs, especially their love lives. That can make the 'Broken Flowers' quest in The Witcher 3 a burdensome one.

This quest involves being given a laundry list of Dandelion's various rendezvous points and paramours to track down and question about the bard's recent behavior and current whereabouts. Here's what you need to know.

Where To Unlock 'Broken Flowers'

'Broken Flowers' is a main quest in Novigrad that picks up automatically from 'Novigrad Dreaming' after you've spoken to Corinne Tilly at The Golden Sturgeon. Start the quest by looking for Dandelion at his newly inherited establishment, The Rosemary & Thyme. As you draw close, you will be greeted by the scene of a few thugs getting a boot out the door by Geralt's longtime friend, Zoltan Chivay.

There will be a brief cut scene where the two exchange greetings before the bandits return with backup looking for a fight. Help Zoltan defeat his assailants in a free-for-all fist fight, then start using your witcher senses to investigate the disheveled inn for clues on where Dandelion got off to.

You can investigate the bard's lute, gifted to him by Filavandrel when they met in Dol Blathanna for a bit of canonical dialogue, but you're really looking for Dandelion's Planner, from which Zoltan will suggest splitting up the bard's list of "appointments" with various ladies around Novigrad to track down the lustful rascal.

Where To Find Vespula

Vespula can be found in the village outside the city of Novigrad, being harassed by some of Whoreson's men. The only way to rescue Vespula from the thugs without fighting them and making matters worse for the girl is to select a specific line of dialogue options.

  1. "Vespula's got new protection now."
  2. "The King of Beggars."

Where To Find Elihal

You can find Elihal in the Farcorners district outside of Novigrad.

No dialogue traps to avoid here, just a cutscene full of surprises, including news of a particular alchemist acquaintance who players may remember from the first game and their last thoughts on a certain Redanian King.

Where To Find Molly

Molly's quest marker leads to Baroness la Valette's villa in Novigrad, where Molly is a chambermaid. You'll run into guards, and after some conversation, the General of Nilfgaard and the Baroness will appear en route for the horse races at the Vegelbud estate, where Molly is already waiting. You can choose to travel with them or make your way yourself, but beware of the ever-distracting sidequests and places of interest along the way.

Once at the racetrack, Geralt will have to wait for Molly to finish chores up at the house. The general will propose Geralt join the race to kill some time, which isn't a bad idea as you stand to win the Superior Racing Saddle. If you decide to race, you may choose any of the four steeds to ride and ask the General about each one beforehand. Each mount may handle slightly differently regarding their stamina depletion, but it really comes down to your riding skill.

Toggle the sprint key to manage Roach's stamina more efficiently and avoid running out of speed, as the competitors can catch up quickly.

You can then choose to travel back to Novigrad on your own or fast travel in the company of the General and Baroness. If you talk to the General upon returning, there is some dialogue where you can learn a little more about the Emporer's plans for Ciri, which may or may not sway your decision in presenting her to him after you find her.

Where To Find Marabella

Marabella can be found teaching a class of young children in the school near the la Valette Estate, in The Bits, but she will ask you to wait. You can concede to her wishes or push the matter is urgent to which she will force you to join the class as a guest speaker. There are no repercussions to brusque or obscene responses, so have fun with your answers and enjoy the blunt responses of adolescent minds.

Where To Find Rosa Von Attre

You'll run into Nilfgaardian soldiers outside the Von Attre residence, but tell them you're the new swordplay instructor, and you'll be led right in. You'll then need to beat Rosa by working her down to half health in a practice duel with wooden swords.

No matter your dialogue choices after the fight, it seems Rosa will always challenge you to a rematch in which you'll need to deplete her health almost entirely in order to win.

After enduring a sisterly cat fight, Geralt will learn Dandelion had been especially keen to talk about a talented songstress by the name of Callonetta.

Find Priscilla At The Kingfisher

Go back to the Rosemary and Thyme to compare notes with Zoltan, who will deduce from your tellings that Dandelion had been seeing a bardstress named Priscilla. Head to The Kingfisher at sundown to watch Priscilla give a truly moving performance depicting Geralt's long-running relationship with Yennefer.

Then after a short scene, Geralt and Zoltan will meet with Priscilla in private, where she divulges Dandelion was planning a heist against Sigi Reuven. This pieces together his string of strange behaviors reported by his many rendezvous.

Priscilla will also note the last she knew, Whoreson's men were after Dandelion, meaning Geralt better get on the trail in time to rescue his friend. So it's off to tangle with two of Novigrad's reigning crime lords.

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