The Whole Sonic Voice Cast Is Returning For Frontiers, Despite Reports Of Departures

It's official: we're not getting another big Sonic recast. It's been confirmed that the main voice crew is set to return, including Roger Craig Smith as the titular blue blur, despite previously indicating that he was set to retire from the role.

The news comes from the Sonic the Hedgehog social media team, with specialist Justin Thormann saying on a livestream that he has now received confirmation of their return. While he didn't list off every returning actor, he did say the "all the gang's back, and they sound amazing".

"One big thing I should mention, the entire voice cast is returning for this", Thormann revealed on stream. "We've got Roger as Sonic, we've got Coleen [O'Shaughnessey] returning as Tails – everybody is coming back – Cindy [Robinson] as Amy".

Surprisingly, we also got some new details on what we spotted in the trailer, actually confirming a fan theory we reported on recently. "Amy's voice is actually what you heard in the trailer", said Thormann. "I know some people online were a little confused about that, but it's confirmed from me, that's Amy".

Other than that, we're going to have to wait to find out what's going on. Amy's ghostly voice does raise a lot of questions – where is she? Where's the rest of the gang? Alas, Thormann says we'll have to wait closer to launch to get some answers, which is all the way in holiday 2022.

The most recentl trailer is generating enough of a buzz, in fairness. As revealed at The Game Awards, many were surprised to see that Sonic Frontiers is actually an open world game (or rather "open zone", as Sega prefers to use), bringing the series in a bold new direction from its recent titles. On the whole, it sounds like we're in for a very different experience, but we now know that the voices will at least be familiar.

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