The Waylanders RPG Unveils First Look At The Medieval Era

Gato Salvaje Studio recently released a first look video for the upcoming Celtic party-based RPG The Waylanders. The preview video showcases the game’s Medieval Era and how we can expect it to look and feel once the Spring 2021 release date arrives.

The First look at the Medieval Era video is over on the Gato Studio YouTube channel, and features four minutes of The Waylanders Medieval Era graphics style and gameplay. In the video, Executive Producer Fernando Prieto walks us through the differences between the Celtic and Medieval eras here, in both gameplay and artistic aspects. The Waylanders is set on the northern coast of Spain in the modern-day Galicia region. Our character somehow becomes “detached from the cycle of life and death”, and will not be reborn after they die. However, this allows them to “step outside the bounds of time” with the use of magic, and able to travel forward a thousand years, from the Celtic era to the Medieval era.

In game, the Celtic Era is presented through a vivid color palette, simple cloth material robes and wraps, and basic, simply-detailed weapons. The architecture is more in harmony with nature, very often being open to it and incorporating it into the structures themselves. Monuments are constructed at significant locations and as places of magical importance. Villages are kept low-built and use natural locations to help provide protection and supplies.

In the Medieval Era, magic has vanished, and largely been replaced by religion, with all the supporting buildings and Christianity culture it brings. The color palette changes to saturated grey, brown, and blue. The lighting used for buildings and equipment is dull and muted. The clothing is more prominent, with plenty of leather and metal armor being the norm. Weapons also use much more worked metal, and have finer detailed craftsmanship. Medieval architecture uses more gathered and worked stone, which is used to separate the people from nature and each other with the use of high walls and tall stone buildings.

The video does a great job of presenting the differences in gameplay eras we’ll get to experience in the full release of The Waylanders once it drops. In the meantime, if you’d like to check the actual game out beforehand, you can buy into the Early Access period on Steam for $29.74, a 15% discount off the full price at release.

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