The Survivalists: Beginner’s Guide

Dropped onto a deserted island with nothing but your wits to keep you alive, The Survivalists cuts right to the chase in getting to its premise. Sure, the survival genre isn’t anything new, but every game has its own learning curve you need to come to grips with. Between all the materials, crafting options, and survival mechanics, you have a lot to learn if you want to survive on your island. Before you waste your valuable time and resources, check out these essential tips for becoming a true survivalist.

A Beginner’s Guide To The Survivalists

There are a lot of mysteries and mechanics to uncover on your island in The Survivalist, and while this guide will spoil some of the basics, nothing major will be ruined for you. These tips are just to help you make the most out of your first attempts to carve out a life for yourself.

Check Out Your Raft

The first thing you should do when you load up your game is search the broken raft you arrived on. Yes, the allure of running around the island and exploring is tempting, but there are valuable resources to get you started.

Start Unlocking The Crafting Menu

You start off only being able to craft a few items, but as you craft more new items, adjacent items will begin to unlock. A crafting bench is a must have early on, and if you’re diligent you can unlock almost the entire crafting grid without leaving your starting area.

Take Care Of Yourself

Health, hunger, and stamina. Aside from thirst, these are the most common meters you can expect to find in a survival game, and they’re present here in The Survivalists as well. The stamina meter is represented by a green circle with a lightning bolt on the right end of your quick bar, and is used for attacking and sprinting. It will refill on its own, but pay attention to how much you can exert yourself before taking on a dangerous fight.

Health and hunger are represented on the left side of your quick bar by the red circle with the heart. The inner part of the heart is your hunger, while the red surrounding it is your total health. Eating will fill both of these meters back up, with better recipes filling more of the gauge. If your hunger drops to zero, your health will start to tick down, so always keep at least something to munch on just in case.

Make Sure To Save

While on the topic of keeping yourself alive, saving is another major concern. You can’t save at will via a menu or anything like that in The Survivalists, but must craft a bed to rest in. You’ll need to craft two items to make the bed, comfy padding and a makeshift bedsheet, which are thankfully very easy to make. The padding takes one straw bundle, two palm leaves, and one rope, while the bedsheet only needs three palm leaves.

Once you’ve set your bed up, you can use it to either save or sleep and save. Sleeping will cause time to pass, which will cause your hunger meter to drain, so keep that in mind before sleeping the day, or night, away.

Search For Bottles

While exploring the beaches of your island, keep a sharp eye out for any and all bottles you spot that have washed ashore. These can hold a variety of things, from tutorial type tips and instructions to narrative diary entries, but they can also give you treasure maps. They won’t pinpoint the exact spot the treasure is located, but they do at least hint at what you can expect to find there.

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