The Snowpoint Gym Puzzle Is Completely Broken In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Remakes are having a rough time of things lately. First it was the GTA Trilogy, which turned out to be perhaps the worst game of 2021 so far, but the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl remakes aren’t much better. Players have found numerous bugs and glitches that let you do some pretty busted things. There are not one, but two glitches that let you duplicate Pokemon either alone or with a friend, and there are several glitches that let you access out-of-bounds areas to encounter Giratina or Shaymin sooner than usual.

Another glitch trainers have found is in Snowpoint Gym. You can basically bypass the entire puzzle and get directly to Candice without needing to deal with either the icy floors or other gym trainers.

The glitch is showcased here thanks to Reddit user Suicidalist666. If you get to the ice tile just below Candice, you can slowly bump into the diagonal tile until it eventually lets you up, bypassing the rest of the puzzle. This saves you a ton of time and is an important step in the most recent speedrun record of just under an hour.

Normally, the puzzle requires you to go through a whole rigamarole of smashing snowballs and landing on snow-covered patches, usually resulting in a fight with another gym trainer. It can take some time and quite a few potions to keep your team healthy for the big fight with Candice.

Nintendo has remained largely silent about all these highly uncharacteristic glitches. Normally, Nintendo games hold themselves to a higher standard, and certainly Pokemon games aren't like your average EA release where the plan is always to fix the game over the course of a year. Instead, we get a Pokemon remake that can’t even produce a working calculator.

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