The Sims 4’s Trans-Inclusive Update Has Unsurprisingly Upset Fox News

If you thought The Sims 4 going free-to-play would mean updates for the current game in the series drying up, think again. New content has been coming thick and fast including a free update featuring top surgery scars. Unsurprisingly, right-leaning pundits with upsettingly large platforms from which to yell have taken issue with that.

As reported by PC Gamer, Fox News quickly got wind of the features included in the update. In a live segment, conservative pundit Dave Rubin labeled the update part of “the woke mind virus [that] has infected not only our government institutions but our educational institutions and our entertainment institutions.”

Rubin compares his time playing SimCity 25 years ago to The Sims 4, claiming the former to often be educational and the latter being all about indoctrination. Outside of The Sims not marketing itself as an educational tool, it sounds like Rubin could actually learn a lot if he were willing to play it. Sadly, his insight will likely begin and end with skimming the contents of last week's update and reacting to it rather than taking a moment to hear from those it has impacted positively.

While the Fox News clip might well have gotten the toxic ball rolling, Rubin hasn't been the only one critical of the new update. Libs of Tiktok's Chaya Raichik, whose words have previously inspired threats on children's hospitals, has taken issue with the addition of top surgery scars. Meanwhile, self-proclaimed "alpha male" Nick Adams has recommended people trade in their copies of the game for a Bible. Definitely nothing in there that could potentially alter the minds of young readers.

As noted above, EA continues to roll out new content for The Sims 4 even though the fifth game in the series, currently codenamed Project Rene, is now in the works. The update that added top surgery scars also includes hearing aids and glucose monitors, and next month the long-awaited infant update will be rolled out. The update will add an entirely new life stage to the game, making babies more than the inanimate objects they've largely been until now.

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