The Sims 4 Releases A New Roadmap Of Mostly Kits, Surprising No One At All

The Sims 4 team have released another content roadmap, this time for May and June. They teased the reveal yesterday with the phrase "lights out" leading to mass speculation about what will be next for the life simulation game. Now, thanks to a teaser trailer, we know that there will be a new game pack and two kits coming out over May and June.

Images include what appears to be a celebrity, a peaceful night sky, a dirty road with a creepy shadow and a brief flash of what looks like it may be alien writing, possibly from Sixam. Many fans are speculating that the pack may revolve around Nightlife, a theme explored in The Sims 2 which included a downtown area. However, Nightlife's main features included bowling, night clubs, karaoke, and eating out, all of which are already in The Sims 4. Slightly more likely is something similar to The Sims 3: Late night which introduced bands, although it's other features of fame, penthouses and vampires are once again already in the game. With this in mind, our money is on the addition of another occult such as Werewolves but we may have to wait a few weeks to see if we are correct.

Amongst all the chat about themes and functions lies an undercurrent of disapointment. Not about the potential themes, but rather the fact that two kits and a game pack is not a lot of content in a content dry year. The last expansion, Cottage Living, was released in July 2021 and this roadmap will take us almost up to the pack's one year anniversary.

When we look back over the release schedule since Cottage Living it's incredibly sparse. This new content will mean that from July 2021 to July 2022 Sims fans will see one expansion, two game packs and nine kits. For those who enjoy gameplay, rather than just dressing Sims or decorating houses, the future is looking increasingly bleak. Let's just hope the game pack doesn't turn out to be as much of a mess as My Wedding Stories was, for everyone's sake.

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