The Quarry: All Clue Locations

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Clues comprise most of the collectibles in The Quarry. While none of them are necessary to complete the game, nor do they have any impact on the story's outcome, but they provide insight into the game's lore and the events that led up to the counselors' harrowing encounter. Finding all the Clues unlocks the Meddling Kids Achievement / Trophy, but it may not be possible to do this in a single playthrough.

Whether you're looking for the last few Clues you missed or you want to make sure your first playthrough is as complete as possible, this guide will take you through the locations of each.

We've tried to keep this guide as spoiler-free as possible, but you may be able to infer some plot information from the Clues themselves. Completing a playthrough on your own before using this guide to collect any missing Clues is recommended.


There are three clues in the first area of the game, and if you miss them you won't get a chance to try again without starting a new save file. While Laura is exploring the woods in the prologue, be on the lookout for:

Harum Scarum Poster

The poster for the traveling Harum Scarum show is clearly visible on a tree in front of Laura as you walk down the main path. You should see it immediately after your first opportunity to collect a Tarot card.

Escapology Trunk

After walking past the Harum Scarum Poster, look for a path to your left. This leads to the Escapology Trunk, a discarded part of the show's magic act.

Broken Cage

When the main path splits in two, take the right-hand path first. It's a dead end, but you'll find a cage that was part of the Harum Scarum's sideshow, Silas The Dog Boy.

When Laura takes a left at the fork, there will be a quick cutscene of something moving in front of the camera behind her. If you see this cutscene before finding all the clues, turn back and get them so that you don't miss your opportunity.

Bloodied Collar

When Laura enters the storm shelter under the camp's main building, the Bloodied Collar is on the floor straight ahead. Laura will automatically pick it up as you approach.

Chapter 1

From this point forward, chapters will include multiple locations from the perspective of multiple characters. Be sure to get all the Clues in a location before moving on!

  • Jacob can find up to two Clues.
  • Abigail can find up to three Clues.

Hunting Notice

After Kaitlyn tells Jacob to get the last of the bags, check near the fence in front of the van. You'll see a poster regarding the upcoming deer hunting season.

Camp Plaque

As Jacob, head up to the main Lodge entrance. The plaque is to the left of the door – check it out before going around the building to climb in the window.

Newspaper Headline Scrap

After the game's perspective switches to Abigail, help Emma break into Cabin Ten. Inside, look in the far right corner of the room to find the Newspaper Headline Scrap.

Information Signpost

In the middle of the circle of cabins, next to the big tree is a novelty signpost with arrows pointing to different world cities. Inspect it to receive a Clue.

Camp Song Recording

Before talking to Emma to head back to the Lodge, look by the stairs to Cabin Eight. A tape recorder is on the ground, containing this Clue.

Chapter 2

  • Emma, Dylan, and Nick can find up to two Clues each.
  • Nick can only find Clues in Chapter 2 if he and Abigail walk through Shady Glade on their way to rejoin the group. Rocky Road contains no Clues but has a Tarot Card.

Damaged Memorabilia

After Emma and Jacob enter the General Store, inspect the shelves in the middle of the floor. The Clue is on the far side from the entrance.

Lodge Renovation Plans

This Clue is on the shelves in the back room of the General Store. If you break into the locked room with the shotgun before finding the Lodge Renovation Plans, look to your left when you come back out and you should be able to get it on the way back.

Family Photo

When Dylan and Ryan are in Chris's office, look on the desk to find a picture of Chris and his kids, Caleb and Kaylee.

Counselors Ledger

After Dylan and Ryan inspect the trapdoor in Chris's office, Dylan can have a seat at the desk and check out the drawers. Doing so will cause him to automatically find the Counselors Ledger.

Trail Camera

When Nick and Abigail go for a walk, choose to go back via Shady Glade. Upon entering the new area, take the path to the right to find a trail camera set up by Chris.

Ranger Box

After finding the Ranger Box, return the way you came and take the left path to find the other Clue in Shady Glade, the Ranger Box.

Chapter 3

Jacob can find three Clues in the boathouse in Chapter 3. Be sure to collect all of them before returning to Emma.

North Kill Gazette

A copy of the local newspaper is ahead and to the left of Jacob's starting position, next to the stairs.

Old Camp Photo

Before going upstairs to look for towels, go to the far left wall on the first floor of the boathouse to find this Clue.

No Swimming Sign

The No Swimming Sign is immediately to Jacob's left when he first enters the boathouse, but you need to turn around to see it. It's easily visible on the way back out, just before talking to Emma.

Chapter 4

Emma can find up to two Clues while recording her thoughts on the island, but without knowing about them most players will only find one. When Emma wonders which path to take, take the low road at first.

Box Of Matches

After deciding to stay at ground level, look for an abandoned campfire near the end of the path. The book of matches is next to it.

Police Car Keys

Once you have the book of matches, do not climb the ladder up to the treehouse. Instead, double back and take the "high road," the boardwalk.

When you reach the treehouse via the boardwalk, check the window to the left of the door before going in. The keys are sitting on the window sill.

Chapter 5

Before entering the radio hut, Dylan can find two clues near the camp cabins. If you missed any of Abigail's Clues here in Chapter 1, some – the signpost and the newspaper – are still here.

Letter To Camp Nurse

If you look between Cabins Three and Four, you'll find this Clue on the ground.

Triggered Bear Trap

Search to the left of the pool house to find a short path. At the end is a bear trap to inspect.

Kaitlyn can't find any Clues during her encounter with the hunter in the Lodge, but her actions in this chapter will determine whether another Clue becomes available much later. When Kaitlyn goes upstairs to spy on the hunter, succeed at the first quick-time event and fail the second one. When the hunter picks up a table, shoot it (the table, not the hunter). Doing so will allow Kaitlyn to pick up the Ticket Stub in Chapter 10.

Chapter 6

  • Abigail can find two Clues in the pool house.
  • Emma can find one Clue at the fire pit.

Campers Photo

As Abigail, look in the corner to the left of where the group is sitting to find an old picture of Ryan, Caleb, and Kaylee.

Spooky Drawing

In the opposite corner of the pool house from the group, check at the end of the hall to find a drawing by one of the campers.

Be sure to collect both Clues in the pool house and the Tarot Card in the shower stalls before moving the space heater next to Nick.

Kid's Letter Home

When Emma returns to the fire pit, check the tent before setting off for the Lodge. You'll find the other half of the piece of paper Abigail found in the pool house.

Chapter 7

Laura can find up to three Clues while she and Max are in captivity.

Scrawled Limerick

This text is carved into the right-hand wall of Laura's cell. You'll have plenty of chances to look at it – do so at your first opportunity so that you don't forget.

Charred Sheriff's Badge

When Laura has the opportunity to explore the station, go upstairs and enter the second door. The badge will be on your right inside the room beyond. On your way out, look at the calendar to the right of the door for a piece of information you'll need for the next Clue.

Bizarre Yet Bonafide Podcast

The first door at the top of the stairs leads to an empty room. On the right side is a bulletin board with a single birthday card. Reading it, along with the card in the second room, allows Laura to deduce that Travis' birthday is July 7, 1965.

Use the birthday as a password to login to Travis' computer to get this Clue.

Chapter 8

Laura and Ryan can find up to three Clues while traversing the abandoned quarry.

Miner's Lunchbox

Look near a stone pillar in the water that broke the pair's fall. The lunchbox can be found there.

Old Quarry Tools

Before starting the climb up the scaffolding, look in the far left corner of the chamber from where you first fell in. A pickaxe and some other tools are in a pile at ground level.

Rum Still

When the game's perspective switches to Ryan in the basement of Hackett House, look for a room to the left. Inside you'll find a rum still from the family's bootlegging days.

Chapter 9

  • Laura can find up to two Clues in Hackett House.
  • Dylan can find up to two Clues in the Scrapyard.

Hunting Trophy Wall

When Laura enters the room with the piano, look immediately to the right and inspect the bear skull on the wall.

Hackett Family Tree

From the piano room, go upstairs to find a small office. There's a framed copy of the Hackett Family Tree on the left-hand wall.

If you come to the room with large windows on the second floor before finding both of these Clues, turn around and retrieve them. Once you cross the window room you'll lose your chance.

Scrapyard Note

When Dylan and Kaitlyn first enter the Scrapyard, walk to the end and enter the small building on your right. The green button on the table will open the way to the main area, but before you proceed go upstairs. Follow the path all the way around to the opposite corner of the room, where you'll find the Scrapyard Note.

Discarded Signage

On the far side of the shipping containers in the main section of the Scrapyard, you can find old signs from the Harum Scarum show. You can either use the stairs to walk on top of the containers or walk through the open containers, using them as tunnels.

Look for bright green paint amidst the gray and brown of the rest of the junk.

Chapter 10

While preparing for the attack on the Lodge, Kaitlyn can find up to five Clues. Find them all before entering the final battle.

Chalkboard Doodle

Climb the stairs to the second floor and go to the right side of the building (opposite the kitchen). Look in the classroom for the doodle on the chalkboard.

Inscribed Jewelry

In the classroom you'll find a set of stairs leading to the Lodge's third floor. Climb them to find this Clue near the couch.

Camp Letter

On the left side of the second floor landing (over the kitchen), the bunkroom on the left contains a crumpled-up letter.

Ticket Stub

This Clue only appears if you took the correct set of actions during Kaitlyn's encounter with Bobby earlier. It's in the middle of the second floor landing, near the Ancestral Portrait.

Ancestral Portrait

From the second floor landing you'll be able to see the portrait of Septimus Hackett hanging from the chimney. Inspecting it once will add it as a Clue and give you a choice to begin Kaitlyn's final battle. For that reason, it's best to save the portrait for last. On the plus side, it's impossible to miss this one since it's required to complete the game!

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