"The Mixer Move Was Smart," According To Ninja

Ninja is back on Twitch, in case you missed the news from last fall. After moving to Mixer in the summer of 2019, Microsoft stunned the world by closing down the platform not even a year later. At the time, people thought that it was a dumb move for Ninja to give up his millions of followers on Twitch to take a lucrative contract with Microsoft, but the joke was on them when Microsoft was forced to pay Ninja $30 million to terminate his contract.

“The Mixer move was smart,” Ninja told The New York Times with absolutely no zero modesty. “I don’t regret anything I’ve done.”

Ninja spoke to The Times on a wide range of subjects, most notably his brief sojourn with Mixer. He admits that even after his return to Twitch he hasn’t truly regained his number one spot, and people point it out to him all the time on stream.

“I could teach all these kids talking [expletive], but when you reply to them, they’re like, ‘He said my name!’ Their name is 69fartsniffer, and you read their name, and their next comment after they roasted you is them giggling like a little schoolgirl. Like, ‘You noticed me!’ It’s the worst.”

Ninja’s still the top Twitch account in terms of followers, but in terms of average viewers, he’s way down on the list. The top-viewed streamer for January is currently TommyInnit, according to TwitchTracker.com, followed by Auron and QuackityHQ.

But don’t feel too bad for Ninja as he’s already making inroads into Hollywood with his own starring role in an upcoming TV show.

Ninja also had some unkind words for former president Trump, saying that Twitter and Facebook “had a duty to stop letting him manipulate people with lies.”

And we also found out that Ninja calls Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg “The Big Z,” which is more than a little weird.

If you feel a burning desire to find out what Ninja does when he’s not playing professional Valorant or walking his dogs, check out the full interview over on The New York Times.

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