The Long-Awaited Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared TV Series Will Debut This September

The long-awaited Don't Hug Me I'm Scared TV series will debut September 2022 on Channel 4 in the UK.

Without a doubt, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared is one of the most influential YouTube series out there, with each video garnering millions of views and inspiring plenty of other videos that start off sweet and end up, well, much less sweet. Following the massive success of the Kickstarted YouTube series, it was announced that a TV series was in the works, with some footage shown off alongside the announcement.

That announcement was back in 2018 and, beyond some footage being shown off at the Indie Sundance Festival in 2019, news has been pretty slim on the ground since then, aside from constant confirmations that it was still being worked on. Now, thanks to a new teaser released on YouTube, we know that the series will debut later this year in September and will be on Channel 4, something that was previously confirmed in 2020.

The teaser video, titled "FLY", shows a derelict area with abandoned housewares items scattered around and destroyed. The camera pans to a TV that is flickering between various shots of Yellow Guy, Duck, and Red Guy. While the camera zooms in on the TV, flies can be heard in the background, almost as if something is dead or decaying near the wreckage.

We then see the three main characters sat at the kitchen table, as they were shown in the first shot of the YouTube series. As they sit at the table, one of the flies that could be heard earlier somehow makes its way into their kitchen and buzzes around them for a bit, before Duck smacks it with a clipboard and says "Pesky bee". It then ends with a shot of Yellow Guy's dad and announces the release date of September 2022.

Although not too much is known about the show so far, the first episode that debuted at Indie Sundance back in 2019 revealed that it'll take place in the town of Clayhill and feature the same kind of structure as the YouTube series, with characters learning twisted lessons in the worst possible way.

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