The Last Of Us Part 2 Is "Just The Beginning" According To Composer Gustavo Santaolalla

The Last of Us 2 is arguably this year’s most controversial game. It was a heated talking point after its release, with fans divided over Naughty Dog’s narrative direction. Now that it’s been some time, and people have digested the story, the franchise’s composer is teasing another chapter on the horizon.

Posting on Twitter, composer Gustavo Santaolalla expressed his appreciation for the title’s Game Awards nomination for Best Score and Music. The Last of Us 2 is also nominated for eight additional awards at The Game Awards, including Game of the Year. Santaolalla thanked Naughty Dog and the game’s director Neil Druckmann for bringing him on board the sequel. His closing comment, “It’s just the beginning,” started speculation amongst fans.

Fans wondered if Santaolalla had a third The Last of Us game in mind, or perhaps another collaboration with Naughty Dog on a completely new title. To back up fans’ suspicion, The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley replied to the composer’s tweet highlighting “Just the beginning” in his response, implying that he’s either curious (like the rest of us), or he knows something.

During the summer, Naughty Dog posted a job listing on its website advertising for a “Lead Environment Designer” and a “Melee/Gameplay Animator.” The headline included “single player” which sounds more like a project that’s not related to The Last of Us. The developer also had a vacancy for a “Tools Programmer” who would be involved in next-gen tech, which confirmed that work had begun on a new project. Naughty Dog also released a statement in 2018 which revealed development of a standalone multiplayer experience connected to The Last of Us’ Factions; a multiplayer mode in the first game. Santaolalla’s comment may have been referring to this project, which could be revealed very soon.

A new Best Buy listing also suggested that The Last of Us 2 may be getting a PS5 upgrade. The game’s store page includes a tag that reads “Included next-gen upgrade.” Meanwhile, The Last of Us 2 is receiving a new board game that hasn’t found a release date yet. There’s also HBO’s The Last of Us show which has been green lit, where fans are continuing to debate the perfect casting for Joel and Ellie.

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