The Last Of Us Part 1’s Trophy List Has Leaked, Removes Difficulty And New Game Plus Trophies

The Last of Us Part 1's trophy list has leaked online, revealing that it's removed the trophies for difficulties, New Game Plus playthroughs, and, strangely, using supplements.

If there's one thing that all fans of The Last of Us can agree on, it's that the first game was notoriously difficult to Platinum. Alongside a range of grindy multiplayer trophies, Naughty Dog also asked players to play through the game multiple times to get the several difficulty and New Game Plus trophies. None of it was too difficult, it was just incredibly time-consuming.

This was significantly reduced for The Last of Us Part 2, with most of the trophies being relegated to collectibles instead of multiple playthroughs. This is an attitude that Naughty Dog has seemingly carried over to The Last of Us Part 1, as a leaked trophy list from Twitter account NaughtyNDC has revealed that most of the painful trophy requirements have been shaved down significantly.

Taking a look at the trophy list shows that most of the same ones are present here, such as finding all workbench tools, having to unlock all safes and shiv doors, and participating in all optional conversations. However, there are no longer any difficulty-related trophies and none related to New Game Plus runs, which were the biggest time sink of the original game.

One of the stranger removals from the list are the trophies related to Joel taking Supplements. It's not clear why these were removed, as the mechanic is likely still in the game, but it does remove yet another fairly annoying trophy from the list, so no complaints here.

There are also a few new trophies added to the game, most of which are just based on small character interactions that can take place during the story. These include picking up Frank's note in Bill's town, petting Buckley the dog, riding a contraption in the sewers with Henry and Sam, and not high-fiving Ellie when given the chance to at the dam in Jackson.

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