The Falconeer Heads Into Closed Beta Next Month

We got our first peek at The Falconeer last June with the release of the upcoming indie game’s story trailer. The Falconeer takes place in a world called the Great Ursee, where a war is being fought amongst its great factions. You play as a Falconeer, a warrior mounted on the back of an enormous bird in much the same way as Panzer Dragoon puts you on the back of a giant dragon. You’ll fight other Falconeers, but also flying manta rays, giant beetles, huge airships, and of course, dragons.

They don’t call ’em dragons for some reason.

But Falconeer doesn’t just have you play as a singular hero. You’ll play each new chapter as a different character to see this war from multiple sides.

The Falconeer takes place in an open world where you’ll have many opportunities to search and explore. Combat is from a third-person perspective where your warrior-bird pairing will perform death-defying maneuvers in a fully 3D environment.

We’ll get to see what The Falconeer can do on the Xbox Series X when it launches with the new Microsoft console, but we can get a preview of how this game will play thanks to a closed beta that will launch on Steam next month.

You can apply for a closed beta Steam key via The Falconeer’s official Discord channel. Click the link, politely ask to be part of the game’s development, and enjoy your early access. Just note that this is a beta, so expect a few bugs along the way (and please report those bugs to the developer when you see them).

Also, note that the developer is just one guy named Tomas so please be patient if he doesn’t reply immediately.

The Falconeer releases on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Steam this November. It’ll launch with the Xbox Series X, so as soon as we have a launch date for the new console, you’ll know when The Falconeer will be available.

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