The Callisto Protocol Shows Off Dismemberment In Extended Gameplay Sequence

An extended trailer and all-new gameplay for The Calisto Protocol have just been revealed at Summer Game Fest. Two sequences were taken from an early part of the game. The first showed protagonist Jason Lee walking through a medbay and watching holograms of patients going feral and attacking doctors.

The second showed Lee a little further in the game, in a suit very similar to Dead Space Isaac's RIG. It also showed off a gravity weapon called the Grip that can be used to pull and push enemies, often into deadly environmental hazards like fans.

Much like Dead Space, enemies can be debilitated by shooting off their limbs and dismembering them. There's a variety of them too, with slimmer, faster ones that charge you, and bulkier foes that are harder to take down. Some even seemed to spit a toxic substance at Lee.

Dead Space wasn't only known for the violence you could inflict on foes, however. Protagonist Isaac could also face a very gruesome demise. Lee gets backed into a corner by a group of enemies and doesn't notice the flickering and whoosing to his right. He gets knocked into some spinning machinery and desperately tries to pull his arm free.

The camera quickly swoops towards his face as he strains against the metal, but the gears are relentless and they drag him into them, churning him into chunks and spitting him all over the place.

From the team that brought you Dead Space, now named Striking Distance Studios, this new survival horror IP is set in a prison colony in 2320. Located on Jupiter's moon, Calisto, you take the role of a prisoner who finds themselves caught amid an alien invasion orchestrated by the prison warden themself.

Striking Distance Studios founder, CEO, and Dead Space co-creator Glen Schofield took to the stage to thank the team behind the game for the hard work and dedication they'd put into development throughout the pandemic.

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