The Biggest Gaming News For April 10, 2022

I’m not here to judge, but in case you’ve been sleeping the day away, we had some really big news in the world of gaming. But don’t worry. I’ll get you right back up to speed. We found out that Sonic the Hedgehog 2 just made history by becoming one of the highest grossing video game movies of all time, Kingdom Hearts 4 is currently in the works, and Final Fantasy 14 players have been holding a huge debate about the best way to eat an egg. There’s plenty more where this came from, so read on for the rest.

xQc Forgot To Show Up For His Podcast With Pokimane

The streamer and content creator xQc announced earlier this week that he would be starting a podcast with Pokimane. The latest development is that xQc seems to have mixed up the date, resulting in Pokimane waiting around for nothing. "I think he forgot that today was Saturday or maybe he thought that I meant next Saturday? I don’t know,” Pokimane remarked. “But I really think he just lost track of the days, which happens. It’s happened to me.”

Kingdom Hearts 4 Announced At 20th Anniversary Event

Kingdom Hearts just celebrated its twentieth anniversary as a franchise and the developer, Square Enix, had a big surprise for the legions of fans out there. As it turns out, Kingdom Hearts 4 is going to be released at some point in the very near future. While we didn’t get a firm release date, Square Enix showed off some scenes from the upcoming title, meaning that we at least know a little bit about what to expect.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Has Beaten The First Film's Box Office Opening

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has proven to be a big success at the box office, beating the first film in the franchise by a wide margin. The movie may have been critically panned, but this hasn’t stopped millions of people from enjoying it including our own reviewer, Jade King, who gave the film four stars out of five, calling Sonic the Hedgehog 2 “an improvement on the first film in every conceivable way," pointing out that it's bigger, better, and "understands why these characters work all the more. It also advances the formula and establishes a future for this cinematic universe.”

Elden Ring Speedrun Record Now Down To 12 Minutes

Players have been rolling credits on Elden Ring in record times for quite a while, but now they’ve really gone and outdone themselves. The speedrunner known as Distortion2 has beaten the game in less than 13 minutes and if you think they should just be happy with that number and stop, you’ve got another thing coming. "Pretty solid run with this route,” Distortion2 noted. “However, a new route is in the works which involves fighting no bosses. Incoming sub-ten minutes.”

Final Fantasy 14 Players Debate The Best Way To Eat An Egg

Final Fantasy 14 players have been in an uproar over the right way to eat an egg ever since a screenshot from the upcoming Harvest Tide event surfaced that shows a Lalafell holding what looks like a hardboiled egg with only part of its shell removed. “This seems like an incredibly impractical way to eat an egg,” the popular content creator Mrhappy1227 said on Twitter. “Have to bite around the egg, can't season it properly, and the yolk might be too far in to really reach. All to use the shell as a cup.” Mrhappy1227 added that “I did this just as an excuse to soft and hardboil a few eggs,” but their followers were already up in arms over the matter.

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