The Best Minecraft Seeds For PC

The latest update to Minecraft, introduces all kinds of new things to discover in the randomly generated world. But, because worlds are randomly generated, you never know if you'll see the coolest stuff the game has to offer. While that's great for making the game endlessly playable, sometimes you just want to experience a world with a great view, challenging dungeon to plunder, or unique landscapes and environments to explore. That's where seeds come in. Rather than load up a world that's nothing but desert as far as the eye can see, why not try out some of the best seeds found in Minecraft as of version 1.16.

Minecraft seeds are the codes for specific game worlds players have found, allowing you to enter that code and get your very own version of that world for yourself. To give one a try, just copy the seed code, load up Minecraft and paste in the code when you select "Create New World." Some of these seeds only work on specific versions, so make sure to set your version of the game to match for the seeds to work correctly.

Updated December 15, 2021 by Justin Pietrodarchi: The Minecraft 1.18 update titled Caves and Cliffs has arrived and with it has come a slew of changes. Caves have now been completely revamped with new biomes, including dripstone caves and lush caves. Mountains have also been improved with the addition of six new sub-biomes: meadow, grove, snowy slopes, jagged peaks, frozen peaks and stony peaks.

These major changes to the overworld mean that there are more opportunities for the game to generate some incredible seeds. If you want to experience Minecraft 1.18 the way the developers intended, then these are going to be the perfect seeds to try out.

Massive Lush Cave: Seed -1898624505743265221 (1.18)

There were many great things added in Minecraft's Caves and Cliffs update with the lush caves being one of them. These caves have incredible detail and are filled with vines and grass. Even though you’re underground, it sure doesn’t feel like with how high the ceilings are.

If you're looking for a unique Minecraft experience, bunker down in one of the enormous lush caves in this seed and build your house and surrounding farms in the area. It’ll be a challenge, but that’s exactly what makes it fun.

The Big Bamboo Forest: Seed -8226612225474760216 (1.18)

While the bamboo forest is not a new biome introduced in Minecraft 1.18, it still benefited from the Cave and Cliffs update. The bamboo forest is known for its bamboo, pandas and elevation changes, but now this update has taken things up a notch.

This seed is one of the best bamboo forest seeds out there because the mountains that can be generated in the biome are taller than ever. The jungle in this seed goes on for what seems like forever. If you want to experience the bamboo forest, this is the seed for you.

Mountain Village: Seed -6537256334104833826 (1.18)

If you’re one of those players who likes to find a village and build their property around said village, then this seed will pique your interest. It’s essentially an entire village on a mountain. The base of the mountain has a dock and some houses with a few more houses up near the mountaintop.

With the mountain being so tall, it might be a good idea to take the time to build two water elevators so you can traverse the mountain as quickly as possible. The mountain might even have some rare minerals inside so it’s a win-win situation all around.

Survival Island: Seed 2622795609673772012 (1.18)

If you ever wanted to take survival mode up a notch in Minecraft, you could try out this survival island seed. With this seed, you spawn on a small taiga island surrounded by nothing but icebergs as far as the eye can see. It’s just you and this tiny piece of land.

It'll be tough to survive on this island, but you could make it easier for yourself if you build a few of these survival-friendly structures. You could also just build a boat and paddle your way to a different biome, but where’s the fun in that?

Oceanside Towns: Seed -7783854906403730143 (1.18)

What’s interesting about this seed is the fact that it spawns you around not one, but two oceanside villages on each side of the ocean. It’s without a doubt one of the most unique Minecraft seeds out there and it gives you plenty of options.

You could choose which village to call home and even build a bridge from one town to the other. Just make sure the bridge has enough space for you to paddle your boat under it and it’s perfect. There are two tall mountains next to one of the villages so you’ll be able to gather plenty of resources as well.

The Title Screen: Seed 2151901553968352745 (Beta 1.7.3)

What better place to start than the iconic Title Screen world? Players have searched for years for this seed, and its recent discovery opens the location for all to explore.

While there's nothing otherwise special about this world, it is still fun to be able to finally stand in the spot we've been greeted with for years.

Triple Island Ocean Monument: Seed 6073041046072376055 (1.1.4)

For those who love Minecraft's survival gameplay, this seed creates the feeling of washing up on a deserted island. You actually spawn on a series of three small islands, with all the materials one needs to survive. If you're smart in how you use them.

Once you've built yourself up, there are even nearby Ocean Monuments and Shipwrecks to explore.

Igloo And Winter Forest: Seed -3500229128833691836 (1.9)

If a winter wonderland is more your style, this seed's snowy biome has you covered. Players start off in the middle of a snowy forest, and will soon come across two igloos.

Brave explorers will find a surprise in one of them. This seed is especially useful for players who want to make a snow farm.

Slime Farm: Seed 7000 (1.16)

If you want to roleplay as a slime farmer – and who doesn't – then this seed is perfect for you. You're placed right in a swamp ecosystem, meaning you just have to set up your farm and wait for dark to start collecting those slimes.

Plus, if you're in need of some materials or food, there's a nice village not far off to gather crops. They even have some wolves if you want to tame a few and really live the creature collector life.

Woodland Mansion: Seed throwlow (1.1.4)

Woodland mansions aren't new to Minecraft, but they're so rare that many people haven't had much opportunity to explore them. This seed takes the work out of trying to track one down yourself and spawns one just a couple hundred blocks away from you.

Don't rush in right away, though, because these mansions are not for the unprepared.

Mushroom World: Seed 5387364523423380365 (1.8.8)

Sometimes you just want to get weird with Minecraft, and this seed for a world of mushrooms fills that order.

If you just feel like living on an island of nothing but giant red mushrooms with herds of mooshrooms for company, look no further than this oddly specific seed.

Fast Diamonds: Seed 939276771201220157 (1.8.1)

After dozens, hundreds, or thousands of hours of Minecraft, you might just want to get to the good stuff right away.

Diamonds can be a pain to find if luck isn't on your side, but this seed will spawn you right by two desert temples full of treasure, including nine diamonds. That should be plenty to kickstart your adventures.

Dossier: Seed Dossier (1.6.4)

Much like the previous seed, this one is for those of you who don't want to spend the time going through the motions of finding an End Portal.

With this seed all you'll need to do is spawn, turn around, head off the coast of a village, and look for the conspicuously flat structure sticking out of the water. Crack open a hole and you'll find the End Portal in a nice, convenient location.

Many Biomes: Seed -8913466909937400889 (1.8.1)

If you have a hard time deciding which of Minecraft's various biomes is your favorite, then this seed has you covered.

From your initial spawn, this world has all the biomes you could want within two square kilometers. Just start walking in any direction and see all the diversity the world has to offer.

Underwater Temple: Seed -5181140359215069925 (1.8.8)

We've all conquered plenty of temples in our time playing Minecraft, but I'm guessing I'm not alone when I say that very few have been underwater temples. Not only are these types rare, as most temples seem to show up in jungle biomes, but they're also much more tricky to explore. Not only are the enemies tough, but you also have to deal with the constant hindrance of being underwater.

If you like taking on a challenge while plundering a temple for secrets and treasure, give this underwater temple seed a try.

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