The 6 Most Iconic Druids In Video Games

Druids, surprisingly, have a reasonably broad definition. While we may primarily think of them in terms of a named class we can play as, such as in Dungeons & Dragons, the truth is countless characters fit the definition of druid without being explicitly called one. Generally, druids are practicers of wild magic – and there are a lot of characters who fit that bill.

Most of the druids we find are in role-playing games. They can be playable characters, allies, or NPCs with whom you occasionally interact. They can even be enemies from time to time, which really messes with their forest-friend vibe.

6/6 Hircine's Hunt: The Reachmen – Skyrim

None of the Reachmen of Skyrim stand out as individuals, but as a group, they are a force to be reckoned with. Worshipers of Daedric deities, especially the god of the hunt, Hircine, and proficient masters of alchemy and folksy magic, the Reachmen have the unique ability to strike fear into your heart immediately.

The Reachmen commune with hagravens, witches who abandoned their humanity in favor of power, to become more effective with nature magics. The Reachmen value nature highly, and even monstrous perversions of the wilderness are seen in a generally positive light. They are druid-like in their devotion to nature, and their use of wild magic, though we can’t say we particularly approve of them.

5/6 Reclusive Alchemist: Gremist – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

A salty druid who has seen fit to seclude himself in the forest, Gremist is a master alchemist who will teach Geralt some of his ways – for a favor. He lives far away from the hustle and bustle of the world – as much as the remote, cold Skellige can be considered bustling, at least. While he’s not keen on visitors, he, like almost every other named NPC in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, will indulge in a game of Gwent with you, if you ask.

Gremist is hard to find, especially in a game as big as The Witcher 3, but he leaves quite the impression when you run into him. There’s nothing like bothering a cranky hermit in the middle of the forest because you need better potions.

4/6 Bear-y Friendly: Halsin – Baldur’s Gate 3

This one is an up-and-comer, an emerging force to be reckoned with. Halsin, of Baldur’s Gate 3, makes his introduction as a great big bear imprisoned in the goblin stronghold. His standard form is not much different – we honestly didn’t know elves could be so unbelievably tall and beefy. While you don’t have to help Halsin, he gives you no reason to dislike him and looks set to be a valuable and very cool ally.

He’s one of the few people in the game who (seemingly, kind of) knows what’s happening. Full of advice and impeccably good vibes, Halsin hangs out at your camp for a while after you complete his main questline, offering guidance when asked. Unfortunately, he doesn’t turn into a bear again, but we will always treasure the time we spent fighting tooth and claw with him.

3/6 Through The Looking Glass: Merrill – Dragon Age 2

A Dalish elf you meet near Kirkwall in Dragon Age 2, Merrill is about as sweet as can be. Despite her intimidating ability to manipulate the elements, Merrill’s amiable personality sets her apart from her predecessors. Where Valena (from Dragon Age: Awakening) and Morrigan are cold or uncaring, Merrill is warm. A little meek, with an accent that enhances her likability, Merrill is a valuable party member and a great friend.

Merrill is also a blood-magic user, which puts her at odds with her clan and the rest of your party. Even Anders, the most pro-mage person in the world, is wary of her. It’s kind of hard to watch the party you love fight among themselves – especially when you know Merrill means no harm and is, in fact, more attuned to the world than anyone else.

2/6 An Old Friend: Ermion – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Formerly Mousesack, Ermion is your friend and ally in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Found in Skellige, he was once Ciri’s grandmother’s advisor before the fall of Cintra. Now, he serves the same function for the rulers of Skellige. Deeply knowledgeable about magic and the forest, Ermion is a crucial player in The Witcher 3. It’s through his collection of magical artifacts that you can locate Ciri.

Ermion has been a druid since childhood, hopping from druid circle to druid circle as the years cycled on. In The Witcher, druids are magical but function more as spiritual guidance, rather than full-on wizards. Like the druids of ancient Celtic cultures, they serve political functions more than anything else. However, they still have a deep connection to the forest and the wilds, and Ermion is no exception. He will help you fight in Kaer Morhen, if you ask. And, of course, he will absolutely agree to stop your adventure in its tracks if you want to play Gwent.

1/6 Witch Of The Wilds: Morrigan – Dragon Age

Just because she isn’t called a druid doesn’t mean she isn’t one. Morrigan, introduced in Dragon Age: Origins, is initially a cold-hearted, thorny character that seems more than willing to let you die if it helps her out. Hailing from a swampy, dreary marshland called the Kocari Wilds in Ferelden, you encounter this Witch of the Wilds by chance when gathering supplies for your Grey Warden Joining ceremony. Instead, she leads you to her mother, Flemeth, another forest witch of unspeakable power. For a little while, it seems like this might be the last you see of Morrigan but it isn’t.

After the defeat at Ostagar, you find Morrigan again, who agrees to join you on your quest to stop the Blight before it’s too late. Like most druid characters, Morrigan has wild magic and the ability to transform into beasts of all shapes and sizes. She can manipulate the elements to her will and lives by no code but her own. She’s not a nice person, not initially. But what can we say? We love her to bits, even when she’s being terrible. Besides, as the series progresses, she gets much friendlier – even if you don’t (or can’t) romance her.

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