The 10 Best Side Quests In Persona 3 Portable

When you’re the protagonist of Persona 3 Portable, you stay busy. There is hardly any time for rest, but thankfully, there are plenty of fun things you can spend your time doing anyway.

The main objectives mostly see you ranking up at Tartarus and growing your Persona Compendium, but this shouldn’t stop you from doing some other activities that are enjoyable and rewarding. Whether you’re taking requests from Elizabeth and Theodore, or you’re simply taking part in the interests of the world around you, here are some of the best side quests you can pursue.

10 Feeding The Stray Cat

There’s a stray cat in the back alley that looks underfed. Isn’t that reason enough to want to do this quest? It’s a pretty simple quest and yet it’s just so wholesome that you can’t help but love it.

All you have to do is buy Super Cat Food and then return to feed the cat until it gradually regains its strength. Seeing the cat get stronger and friendlier is just a nice little reward in itself between fighting shadows and getting through high school. Plus, feeding the cat enough will net you Yukari’s summer outfit as a reward.

9 Dates With Theodore Or Elizabeth

Although there’s no social link for your Velvet Room attendant, they will occasionally request that you take them out to explore the real world. These quests are always enjoyable breathers with tons of funny and lighthearted moments. The best part about these dates is that they won’t take up any time from the day, so you’re free to do so at your leisure without sacrificing other activities.

Although you could totally finish the main game without doing these, they do a lot to add that slice-of-life element to the title. Plus, successful dates net you presents that allow specific Persona fusions.

8 Rescue Missions

Occasionally, people go missing and end up in Tartarus. It’s up to you whether or not you’ll rescue these people, but it makes you feel good and provides a good reason to grind a few levels in the tower. It should be noted that people that don’t get rescued in time will be lost forever, so it’s best to keep an eye on the missing person board if you care about that.

The families of and the actual people you rescue will give you various rewards like money, special items, and trinkets. Rescuing people also makes the main group’s impact on the world around them feel more real. Plus, rescuing certain missing people will even be vital in continuing select social links.

7 Hanging Out With Social Links

Technically speaking, you can actually get through the entire game without fostering social links outside of the main group and the scripted rank-up events. That said, skipping this aspect of the game only makes battles harder for you and removes much of the charm and heart of the story.

There are plenty of great social links in Persona 3 Portable, so it’s actually worth hanging out with them whenever you want. It’s a distinctly more relaxed vibe than all those Tartarus runs and full moon operations, and you get a lot more content in various settings.

6 Oden Juice

There’s a girl in Gekkoukan High that considers herself a juice connoisseur. If you don’t ignore that tidbit, you’ll find that she can get you some sweet Oden Juice that you can bring to Elizabeth or Theodore. That is if you get her a drink from Kansai. The reward is just some extra dialogue and a maid outfit for Aigis, but it’s a great little side quest that gives you more reason to explore the grounds during your Kyoto school trip.

Any reason to get more fun out of these pockets of simple and gleeful moments is a great one. On top of that, you can simply choose to buy all the drinks in Kyoto and have some special goodies in your inventory.

5 Hunting Gold Shadows

There are rare shadows that look like golden hands and will run away at the sight of the player and their party. The rewards for actually defeating them before they scurry off are just okay, but it’s the fun and frustration of trying to nab them efficiently that makes it a great side activity. It’s also a great way to change up the pace when you’ve gotten to the point in Tartarus where it starts to feel like a slog.

4 Club Server For A Night

A high schooler really has no business being in a place like Club Escapade, but there are tons of neat little things to do or discover here. There’s a pickup artist, a cool monk (who happens to be a social link), a lone drinker who happens to be a Catherine Easter egg, and a fortune teller that gives a lot of foreshadowing, among others.

In order to start hanging out with the monk, Mutatsu, you must first take some drink orders for the bartender. It’s a packed night and, well, protagonists are expected to do every task under the sun. It’s a neat little side activity that will test your memory

3 Defeating The Reaper

Death has many forms in this game, one of which is the Reaper that starts to hunt you and your party down if you linger too long on any Tartarus floor. It’s usually best to start running for a portal or stairs when you hear his chains, especially because he is an extremely powerful and terrifying foe that can down the whole party in one sweep.

That said, he is not impossible to beat. If you are at a high enough level with powerful skills and Personas, you may be able to take him down. This is worth pursuing because killing him with Request 53 active will net you the Bloody Button, which will allow you to explore the Monad Depths.

2 Beating The Ultimate Opponent

First things first, this is no walk in the park. It’s arguably one of the most challenging battles you will face in the game, but this simply makes it an even more exciting prospect. Be prepared for a long and arduous battle, because they’re not called the “Ultimate Opponent” for no reason.

Get your buffest Personas out and all your special items in order for this one. It’s proof that your friends can sometimes be the worst opponents. Should you make it out of this quest alive, you will get the Omnipotent Orb, which nullifies literally everything thrown your way (except Almighty damage).

1 Creating Valkyrie With Tarukaja

Unlike the other quests listed here, this one isn’t really the best because of its gameplay. After all, it just requires you to create a fusion that results in a Valkyrie with the Tarukaja ability.

What makes it one of the best side quests to do is your reward for completion. You receive a Torn Black Cloth, which is essential for unlocking Pale Rider. It may not seem like much to miss out on some Personas, with how many there are to pick from, but Pale Rider is necessary for creating the pentagon fusion that creates Thanatos. This builds even further as Thanatos is one of the needed Personas in creating the protagonist's Ultimate Persona: Orpheus Telos.

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