Tetsuya Nomura Is Hinting That He’s Working On A Switch Game

The Nintendo Switch could be receiving some new Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, or The World Ends With You titles in the future, as Tetsuya Nomura has hinted that he is working on a game for the system.

Tetsuya Nomura is one of the most famous video game producers/directors in the world, thanks to his work on the Final Fantasy series, and his role as the creator of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. He is also the creator of games like The World Ends With You and has contributed to Final Fantasy XIV.

It seems that Nomura is working on games other than the sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake. He was recently interviewed by Nintendo Dream magazine in Japan, as he’s promoting the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. According to a segment of the interview translated by Nintendo Everything, Nomura hinted that he would be talking to them again soon to discuss something else.

Suzui: It was a rare opportunity for you to appear in a Nintendo Dream article with a Kingdom Hearts title that you were involved in.

Nomura: I’m sure I’ll be back in the not too distant future.

It would seem as if the obvious guess would be that Nomura is bringing the HD ports of the old Kingdom Hearts games to the Switch, or that Kingdom Hearts 3 could be on its way, but that is not the case. Nomura has said that the old Kingdom Hearts games can’t come to the Switch, due to hardware issues, but he also said that another Kingdom Hearts game is being worked on that isn’t Kingdom Hearts 4. This mysterious Kingdom Hearts title could possibly come to the Switch.

There is also an anime adaptation of The World Ends With You coming in 2021. Nomura has been hinting at a sequel for that game for a long time, with the updated ports adding new scenes that suggest more story is on the way. It’s possible that the anime could end with a teaser for the sequel. It’s also possible that there are more Final Fantasy games coming to the system in the future and that Nomura is involved in their development, such as a port of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. If Nomura’s hint is to be believed, then we won’t have long to wait until we learn more.

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