Surprise PlayStation 4 update adds free PS4 and PS5 download

Call of Duty releases teaser trailer for Vanguard

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Some great news for PS4 and PS5 gamers this weekend as a new open beta trial has begun, adding a new free game to download from the PlayStation Store.

And that’s without mentioning the special Call of Duty Vanguard free access weekend currently running over the coming days for everyone, crossplay included.

2021 has included many different titles to play without needing PlayStation Plus or purchasing a season pass, and the latest is the King of Fighters XV.

The latest in a long line of popular fighting games, KOF 15 is hosting its second beta on the PlayStation platform this weekend.

Due to this being a test, gamers will only be able to play parts of the final product this weekend for free.

The good news is that KOF 15 will not require a PlayStation Plus subscription and includes the following modes:

  • Online: Casual Match, Room Match.
  • Offline: Versus, Training, Tutorial.

SNK has also provided a roster of fighters to test out on PS4 and PS5 today, including Krohnen, Isla, Meitenkun, Antonov, K´, Blue Mary, Ryo Sakazaki and Terry Bogard.

The development team has warned that there could be bugs during the testing period that could affect game time.

They have also confirmed that the new King of Fighters XV testing period has been set to end on Monday, December 20.

Crossplay has been enabled, meaning you’ll be able to match up against friends, regardless of what platform they are using.

For those wanting to know more about the free testing period and the franchise, here’s a quick update on the project from SNK, who told fans in October:

The King of Fighters (KOF) first came onto the scene in 1994 and became one of SNK’s leading fighting game series. Excluding spinoffs, the series has now reached 15 mainline titles (currently KOF XV), and its classic 3-on-3 team battle system is as robust as ever. KOF is also known for its large roster, and KOF XV does not slack in this department either as it boasts 39 playable characters on launch. Vibrant and powerful special moves shake up the stage as Shatter Strike, a new gameplay mechanic introduced in KOF XV makes fights more exciting than ever.

“Try out the Open Beta Test when it launches to experience the game and all its crazy fun fighting systems.

“What’s a fighting game without different fighting modes, and this Open Beta Test features plenty to keep you busy.

“There’s two online and two offline modes; Casual Match and Room Match can be accessed online while Training and Versus are accessible offline. Room Match in particular features KOF XV’s newest feature—Draft Vs, which will undoubtedly take your fights to a whole new level.”

Another option this weekend for those hoping to try something new is Call of Duty Vanguard, which can be downloaded and played with a PS Plus subscription until December 21.

The free trial includes a total of ten different maps, as well as four classic multiplayer modes.

Better yet, fans can enjoy double XP bonuses on weapons to Operators and everything in between.

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