Superhot VR Boxing Day Update Adds New Level For Free

Four years on from launch on PC VR, Superhot VR just got an all-new holiday treat.

The Boxing Day update adds in a newly-themed endless game mode. As with the normal endless mode, it tasks you with staying alive for as long as possible as the game’s iconic orange (or maybe red? I can never decide) enemies slowly march towards you. The new map just has a touch more Christmas cheer to it, making exploding someone’s head that bit more festive.  Check out the trailer below.

Superhot VR Hot Boxing Day Update Out Now

This update should be live now across all of the game’s many versions, including PC, PSVR and Quest. The developer is also adding a raft of other improvements with this patch, including a new in-game pause menu with the ability to switch between multiple save files, new brightness options and further stability improvements. On SteamVR, there’s two the choice of two control schemes for the HTC Vive and everyone now has the ability to exit out of Endless and Guest modes too.

The update rounds out a big year for one of VR’s best-selling games. Superhot launched a big new update for Quest 2 a few months back and, earlier in the year, confirmed it had sold over two million copies. In July, its developer said it was continuing to experiment with VR, but we’ve still heard no news about a possible sequel or new IP from the team.

Will you be checking out the Superhot VR boxing day update? Let us know in the comments below!

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