Super Nintendo World theme park tour by Shigeru Miyamoto looks incredible

Nintendo has offered the most detailed look yet at their theme park in Japan, as Miyamoto himself explains how it all works.

There might not have been many new Switch games released this year, but Nintendo is close to completion on another project: their portion of Universal Studios in Japan.

It’s due to open this spring and so far all we’ve had are some brief glimpses from official photos and a lot of leaked behind the scenes videos.

However, thanks to a new Nintendo Direct dedicated to the park we now have a full 15-minute tour hosted by none other than Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto.

Super Nintendo World, as it’s known, has multiple rides, including a Mario Kart one and another in which you ride on Yoshis around a mountain.

As you can see, it all looks super authentic to the games (we love the picture frame of a Bob-omb from Super Mario 64) but there’s also an interactive element thanks to a wrist band you wear and a special smartphone app – as well as AR glasses for the Mario Kart ride.

This allows you to do everything from punching a power block to earn coins and collect keys, to using the wrist band as an amiibo code with your Switch.

According to Miyamoto there are lots of hidden interactive elements around the park, that unlock things like a special boss battle with Bowser Jr.

It all looks very impressive, including a gift store packed with exclusive merch and the café with Mario-themed food that was revealed a couple of months ago.

Super Nintendo World will open in Osaka on February 4 next year, although obviously air travel, let alone to somewhere as far away as Japan, is a bit dicey at the moment.

Similar parks are also due to open in America and Singapore but that won’t be for some time yet.

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