Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Moveset Breakdown

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is finally available to all on Nintendo Switch right now, at long last, and the game is not just a rerelease of the Wii U classic. At least, not all the way. While it’s true that much of the content you find in this game will be the same as it was on the Wii U, this game is faster, more precise, and offers a small variety of brand new moves to the mix that you might find familiar from Mario’s other outings.

Yes, Super Mario Odyssey has been and gone since the last time most of us touched Super Mario 3D World, and as a result it seems like Nintendo wanted to give Mario a bit of modern flair to his moveset, and therefore it has been greatly expanded. Does it make exploring the world that much better? No, but it’s nice to see Mario’s moveset become more flexible than ever. For all of the moves you know and few brand new ones, just read on below.

Holding And Throwing Items

To pick up an item you just need to move towards it and press Y – no, not hold Y, just press it. You can press the Y button again to throw an item, something you can’t do if you’re still holding it. Though, this can make some things a bit complicated, like running while holding an item, which can be important when carrying a key to a destination in Bowser’s Fury.

Spin And Spin Jump

If you just rotate the analogue stick fast enough Mario will begin to spin on the spot like a ballerina. If you jump like this, he’ll perform a spin jump. It’s nice to see the spin jump here, but it’s not as useful as it is in Super Mario Odyssey.

Crouch Jump

Crouch jump is in! Just hold ZL to crouch, charge it up, and then jump. Simple as that.

Ground Pound And Ground Pound Jump

These two abilities are very useful. The Ground Pound is, of course, performed by pressing ZL in the air, and can be used for a huge variety of things. The Ground Pound Jump, meanwhile, is performing by hitting Jump just as you land your butt on the ground after the pound. This can make you jump a little bit higher than your normal jump.

Long Jump

A favourite for Super Mario 64 veterans. While running hold ZL, and while Mario slides in his crouched state, press jump for a big launched jump with a lot of horizontal distance.

Roll, Rolling Long Jump, Midair Roll

Now these are brand new to Super Mario 3D World, and can be useful, I suppose? To roll just crouch, and then tap the Y button to roll forward. You can then jump out of that roll to perform a rolling long jump. Nice.

And finally, the Midair Roll is here, a bit like Mario’s dive from Super Mario Odyssey. Just begin to perform a Ground Pound in the air, and then tap Y before Mario starts hurtling towards the earth. He’ll stop his downward momentum and instead launch himself forward a little bit, which can be good for getting a little bit of extra distance – though it’s no Cappy.

Wall Jump

We all know about this already, right? If Mario jumps at a wall his whole body will attach to it and start sliding downwards. Tap jump during this to bounce off the wall, and if there are two walls parallel, you can jump between them to scale upwards.

Cat Mario Abilities

Cat Mario’s abilities are a tiny bit different to normal Mario, and we’ll summarise the differences here. One of the biggest being that the Y button will now make Mario swipe with his sharp claws. Pressing Y in the air will also make Cat Mario dive forwards at an angle, plummeting, ready to latch onto a wall with his claws.

Latching onto a wall – either from the dive or from a normal jump – will make Cat Mario start to climb it. He can climb walls up to a certain height, and access secret areas. This can also totally save you from falling to your doom in awkward places.

But none of those abilities are as cute as the Pounce move, which can be performed by crouching on the ground, and then pressing Y. Mario will swipe forward and slide along the ground a little bit. Useful? Not really. Adorable? Absolutely.

Everything Else

Other power-ups, including the Fire Flower, Boomerang Flower, and Super Leaf all have their own abilities – you just press Y to throw a fireball, boomerang, or swing your tail for an attack, respectively. Though the Super Leaf does have one extra ability, which slows your falling descent if you hold the jump button while in the air.

And finally, the Lucky Bell does give you an alternate Cat Mario that wears a collar. The only difference the bell actually provides, though, is during a Ground Pound cat Mario will turn into Lucky Cat Mario, and he will collect many coins on his plummet to earth. This Lucky Cat Mario will also be able to defeat certain enemies, just as the Stone Tanuki Mario did in Super Mario Bros. 3.

That’s all of the moves you’ll be using to progress and explore the world in Super Mario 3D World. It’s nice that Mario has got some new moves to stretch out his originally fairly limited moveset from the Wii U version of the game, but the moves that have been added are mostly here just for flair, and not necessarily because you’ll be using them for some flashy tricks, like in Super Mario Odyssey.

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