Summer Games Done Quick 2022 Will Be In-Person For The First Time In Two Years

Games Done Quick, the ultra-successful speedrunning charity event, is finally returning to an in-person venue. This comes after over two years of the show going remote as a result of the pandemic, completely changing the event that is perhaps best loved for its in-person interactions. Now, it's been confirmed that runners and onlookers will gather around the couch once more, as Summer Games Done Quick kicks off in June.

The marathon will start June 26, and runs through July 3. It will be held in Bloomington, Minnesota, and as usual, will fundraise for Doctors Without Borders. Some aspects of the show will still be held remotely, but for the most part, we're getting closer to GDQ returning to its pre-pandemic days.

Because Covid-19 is still very much with us, there will be measures in place to ensure GDQ's return to real life is as safe as possible. For example, all runners, volunteers and attendees will have to show proof of vaccination before they enter. It has not been confirmed as to whether or not this will include booster jabs, but this is likely, given the fact that immunity from the first course of Covid vaccinations would have waned by the summer.

Everyone in attendance will also have to wear masks at all times, and there will be reduced capacity to enable social distancing. It's not quite like the old days when runners would be huddled around onlookers on a couch, but it's definitely a start – and a safer one at that.

Game submissions open March 21 and close March 30, so we should have the lineup of speedruns soon. Given the long-awaited return to the event being held in-person, we can expect it to be a huge success. Even without the benefit of being together physically, the remote marathons still raked in millions for charity – even breaking records.

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