Street Fighter 6 Could Show Up At Upcoming PlayStation State Of Play

Street Fighter 6 dropped its official teaser in February 2022 which showed Ryu and Luke going head-to-head but since then, there has been no further information about the game. Now, an industry insider has revealed that more details about the game could be shown off at the recently confirmed State of Play Showcase.

The State of Play showcase is scheduled for June 3, 2022, with the main focus on PSVR 2 titles. There will also be some third-party announcements and updates, one of which could be Street Fighter 6 if an insider is to be believed.

Industry insider and GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb tweeted about the PlayStation showcase and highlighted that "exciting reveals from our third-party partners", saying that this is "probably where SF6 shows up". He further strengthened his statement by adding “And while of course, it feels great to get this right — I seriously wasn't certain. But when I talk out these rumors with you all, I'm never just throwing shit at the wall. I'm not a carnie hustler”.

However, a Twitter user argued that Street Fighter 6 will possibly show up at EVO considering the tournament is just a few months away. Jeff agreed with his point as EVO usually promotes Street Fighter as much as it can, but also said that he heard it will show up earlier this time.

Plans for Street Fighter 6 actually showed up during the ransomware attack on Capcom in November 2020 and the game was later announced earlier this year.

That wasn’t even the biggest talking point of the teaser as multiple people called out the SF6 logo for being very basic. After digging around, fans also found out that it was possibly a stock image and called out Capcom for the same. Some of them even made their own logos for the game and urged the developer to do better.

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