Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin’s Demo Is Finally Working

Two days later, a fix has finally been discovered for the Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Demo bug.

Square Enix revealed yet another tangent in the Final Fantasy franchise during its E3 showcase over the weekend. Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. The game got its first official trailer during the presentation and a reveal that a demo for it would be available shortly after. However, most who have tried to give the demo a whirl on PS5 have been greeted with the same error message.

The message reads that the demo is corrupted, and therefore very few people have actually been able to play it. With the demo’s window slamming shut on June 24, 2021, the backlash has understandably been quite widespread. That’s not long to try the game out and get a feel for it, even without the issues. Presumably, once June 24 has been and gone, you’ll have to wait for the full release to play the game.

Two days later, and Square Enix issued another statement claiming it has pinpointed the problem and that it would be fixed soon. Not only does that statement appear to be true, but we have tried it for ourselves and the error message has indeed disappeared. The Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin demo can be downloaded and played to your heart’s content.

Well, up until the cut-off date that is. There has been no word yet on whether Square will decide to extend the demo window by two days since that’s how long its availability was delayed. On the one hand, it would be a goodwill gesture after annoying quite a lot of people, but on the other, there will be a pretty strict schedule Square is trying to stick to that would be thrown into chaos, yeah we said it, should it be set back two whole days.

As for what else we know about Stranger Of Paradise, the details are pretty few and far between at this moment in time. Things will likely become a little clearer now people can actually play its demo. The element Final Fantasy fans appear to be the most excited about is Chaos. Chaos was a part of the very first Final Fantasy game and will be Stranger Of Paradise’s primary antagonist.

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