Steam Winter Sale 2020 Expected To Begin Tomorrow

Steam’s annual Winter sale is expected to begin tomorrow, December 22, at 1 PM ET, ending on January 5. This is in line with the Steam Awards, which will have final nominees announced for each category starting tomorrow until January 3.

What games will be on sale isn’t known just yet but expect there to be plenty up for grabs. Right now, it’s unclear if Valve will join in on the festivities of free games like Epic but, hopefully, they will – after all, the main selling point of competing PC digital stores is to drive competition, and we all win if freebies are handed out like candy at Halloween.

The autumn sale was Steam’s biggest yet (which is a hefty accomplishment considering how popular they tend to be,) but with PlayStation, Nintendo, Microsoft, Epic, Ubisoft, EA, and more all running their own to boot, it looks like emptying every gamer’s wallets from Kentucky to Kyoto will be how 2020 ends.

Naturally, Steam is gearing up for its next big sale, ready with buckets in hand for all that gamer cash: monopolizing untouched backlogs is Valve’s company policy, after all. So, it’s getting cozy with the log-burning fireplace accented by Christmas decorations.

Maybe it’ll even throw in some festive-themed profile rewards in-line with its new system. We need to keep that warm fuzzy feeling going, and to make it feel like we’re getting more than just titles we might eventually get around to.

Perhaps Valhalla will drop as much as it has on Uplay and the Epic Games Store, or maybe Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will be lowered to a tantalizing price like on PlayStation. Hell, maybe the Index will even get a gigantic slash so that everyone can enjoy some Half-Life: Alyx in quarantine. Only time will tell.

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