Starfield: Every Trait We Know About So Far

Starfield has a pretty involved character creation system that lets you customize your character exactly how you'd like, from their build to the color of their hair. You can also customize your personality and history by picking a Background and up to three Traits.

While your character's background will dictate your starting skills and unlock gameplay options with broad strokes, your choice of traits helps you define your character's personality and backstory in a far more granular fashion. They all have their positives and negatives, and some of them are mutually exclusive – you'll have to think hard about your choices during character creation because if they're anything like Fallout's traits, they can't be changed later on.

We currently know of 16 traits in Starfield, and only have the finer details for eight of them. We will update this guide with more information as we learn it, so check back often!

Every Trait You Can Take During Character Creation

You can pick up to three of these traits during character creation, but some of them are mutually exclusive, meaning taking some traits precludes taking others. You can take only one of the following types of trait:

  • Faction Traits
  • Religion Traits
  • Environment Traits
  • Social Traits
All Currently Known Traits
IntrovertMore Endurance when traveling solo.Less Endurance when traveling with companions.Social Trait
Kid StuffYour parents will be available to visit during the game.10% of the money you earn gets sent to them automatically.
Neon Street RatYou gain special dialogue options and better rewards while on Neon.You will get higher bounties from other factions.Faction Trait
Raised EnlightenedYou get a large discount at the Enlightened store.You cannot access the Sanctum Universum store.Religion Trait
Raised UniversalYou get a large discount at the Sanctum Universum store.You cannot access the Enlightened store.Religion Trait
Serpent's EmbraceGrav jumping provides a temporary boost to Health and Endurance.Your Health and Endurance decrease if you do not jump regularly.Religion Trait
SpacedYour Health and Endurance increase while in space.Your Health and Endurance decrease on land.Environment Trait
Starter HomeYou begin the game owning property on a moon.You begin the game with a 50,000 mortgage.

We also know the names of the following traits, but we don't yet know what they do:

Alien DNAEmpathExtrovertFreestar Collective Settler
TaskmasterTerra FirmaUnited Colonies NativeUnwanted Hero

We will update this guide as we learn what these traits do, but it's safe to assume that Terra Firma and Extrovert might have the opposite effects of Spaced and Introvert.

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