Stardew Valley: How To Complete The Goblin Problem Quest

Have you ever noticed the mysterious cave in the railroad area of Stardew Valley? This cave is part of a late-game quest called the Goblin Problem.

In the quest, you will be dealing with the Wizard and Witch, who were once married. The Witch isn’t an NPC that you interact with, but she can be seen flying above your farm on certain nights, leaving surprises for you.

This guide will look at requirements for this quest, how to finish it, and rewards for completion.

Requirements For The Goblin Problem Quest

Prior to beginning the Goblin Problem quest, there are a few other tasks you will need to do. First, you will need to complete all the Community Center bundles (or JojaMart bundles, depending on which route you choose).

After you have finished completing all the bundles, you will have access to tons of post-game content. With the bundles complete, head to the railroad area of Stardew Valley. This area is at the very top of the map, directly above Robin’s house. Check out the map above to see where to go.

Entering will trigger a cutscene, where the Wizard will talk to you about his ex-wife. He will ask for you to find the Dark Talisman, allowing you to enter into the cave and Witch’s Hut house to retrieve a bottle of magic ink.

Completing The Dark Talisman Quest

With the cutscene complete, you can now begin the Dark Talisman quest. To obtain the talisman, you will need to head into the sewers and talk to Krobus.

After speaking with Krobus, he will grant you access to the Mutant Bug Lair. The Mutant Bug Lair entrance is on the left side of the sewer.

Proceed through the entrance into the area, where you will find a hefty amount of enemies. The path is pretty simple, just continue along until you come to a chest that holds the Dark Talisman.

Now that you have the Dark Talisman, head back to the railroad area and enter the cave. 

Completing The Goblin Problem

With the Dark Talisman quest complete, you can now begin the Goblin Problem. After entering through the cave entrance, you will be on the outside of the Witch’s Hut.

Once inside, you will encounter the Henchman. This goblin prevents you from entering the hut, telling you that he isn’t able to let you pass. You will have to discover a way to make the goblin move, which can be a bit tricky.

To find out how to get past the Henchman, you must look through lost books at the library. You may have noticed that while going through daily life in Stardew Valley, you find lost books. These books are added to the library collection and can be read at any time. Some of the books are fun additions that are not important, but a few books are relevant to quests in the game.

For this quest, you will need the book ‘Goblins’ by M. Jasper. Upon reading this book, you will discover that goblins absolutely love void mayonnaise. Reading the book is not necessary to finish this quest. To make the Henchman move, just give him some void mayonnaise. 

How To Obtain Void Mayonnaise

There are a few ways to obtain void mayonnaise, so let’s take a look at them.

  • Place a Void Egg in a Mayonnaise Machine. These eggs can be purchased from Krobus or laid by a void chicken.
  • Fish void mayonnaise from the area around the Witch’s Hut. When the goblin is present, you are able to fish void mayonnaise from the waters around the hut. If you don’t already have one in your inventory, then you will have a 25% chance to get one.

It is quicker to just buy a void egg from Krobus, however, feel free to fish near the Witch’s Hut if you don’t have 5,000g to spend.

After you have the void mayonnaise, return to the Henchman and present him with the gift. He will move out of the way, letting you proceed to the hut. Once inside, grab the magic ink. It will be in a purple bottle on the table. Take the ink back to the Wizard’s Tower to complete the quest.

Rewards For The Goblin Problem Quest

Taking the magic ink back to the Wizard’s Tower will complete the Goblin Problem quest. This quest unlocks a few different rewards, which you can check out below.

  • Wizard Buildings: This is a set of Wizard-themed buildings that you can now add to your farm. They include obelisks for each area of the map, the gold clock, and a Junimo hut.
  • Dark Shrine of Memory: For 30,000g, you can erase both you and your spouse’s memory. It will basically be like you have never met.
  • Dark Shrine of Selfishness: For one Prismatic Shard, your children will turn into doves and disappear forever. This cannot be undone.
  • Dark Shrine of Night Terrors: For one Strange Bun, the magi-seal on your farm will lift and monsters will be able to spawn. You can give another Strange Bun to the shrine to ‘toggle’ the magi-seal on and off.

Now, the Goblin Problem quest is finished. You can use these shrines as often as you want, but be careful! Next, head to Ginger Island and explore the new content available after finishing the Community Center bundles.

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