Stardew Valley: Everything You Need To Know About Spirit’s Eve

Popular farming sim Stardew Valley is packed with events and festivals. In this guide, we will be going over the Spirit’s Eve festival. This is Stardew Valley’s version of Halloween, complete with Jack-O-Lanterns and a haunted maze.

Unlike other events in Stardew Valley, the Spirit’s Eve Festival doesn’t involve any competitions or challenges. It’s a nice change of pace and allows you to fully explore the festival and talk to all the residents of Pelican Town.

When Does Spirit’s Eve Take Place In Stardew Valley?

The Spirit’s Eve festival takes place every year on Fall 27. On Fall 26, Mayor Lewis will send you mail, telling you about the festival.

The festival starts at 10 pm, giving you plenty of time to tend to your farm or explore the mines first.

Where Is The Spirit’s Eve Festival Located?

You can find this festival right in the middle of Pelican Town. Because of this, you will not be able to enter the town until 10 pm. This may be a bit frustrating because there are a lot of things to do in the town, but you will just have to wait. Additionally, you cannot enter the town via minecart until 10 pm.

As mentioned earlier, there is no contest or preparation needed. Just go about your day until 10 pm. Spirit’s Eve will end at 11:50 pm. This means that if you show up after this time, the event will be over!

When you decide to leave the event, you will be transported back to your farm at 12 am.

Special Items For Purchase At The Spirit’s Eve Festival

During Spirit’s Eve, Pierre will have a booth set up, where you can buy special Fall items. Check out the items below, along with their prices.

  • Jack-O-Lantern: 750g
  • Jack-O-lantern Recipe: 2,000g
  • Rarecrow 2: 5,000g
  • Grave Stone: 350g
  • Funky Rug: 4,000g

Jack-O-Lanterns are seasonal objects that can be displayed during the Fall. Once the season changes, the pumpkin will turn into a Rotten Plant. Since Spirit’s Eve occurs near the end of the season, you will only have a few days to display the Jack-O-Lantern. To maximize your Spirit’s Eve decor during Fall, just buy the recipe. 

Tips For Completing The Spirit’s Eve Haunted Maze

The main event of Spirit’s Eve is the haunted maze. Set up by the Wizard, the maze is pretty simple. You must navigate your way through the maze until you reach the end and receive a reward.

After completing the maze, you will receive a Golden Pumpkin. This item is only available during Spirit’s Eve and has a small chance of being inside an Artifact Trove. The pumpkin doesn’t have many uses. It is a universally loved gift and can be used to make a Witch Hat with Emily’s sewing machine.

The Golden Pumpkin will be available every year, so be sure to attend Spirit’s Eve each fall to get this rare item. Although it’s not the most useful, it makes a great gift and sells for 2,500g. 

Check out the steps for going through the haunted maze below.

  1. Enter the maze. You can find the maze entrance north of Pierre’s booth. The maze surrounds the fountain in the clearing near the Community Center.
  2. Proceed through the maze. It’s pretty straightforward; just follow the path.
  3. The path will appear to end at a sign with a question mark. Walk through the hedges to the left of the sign. Here, you will discover a hidden passage.
  4. Once through the hedges, head upwards to the tunnel entrance.
  5. Enter the tunnel and start walking to the right. You are not able to see yourself, but if you just keep walking to the right, you will eventually pop out on the other side. If you think you may be stuck, try moving up and down.
  6. The chest containing the Golden Pumpkin will be on the other side! Open the chest, claim your reward, and then head back through the maze. 

That’s all there is to Spirit’s Eve! After obtaining the Golden Pumpkin and buying the special items from Pierre, you have done everything.

Stick around to talk to the residents of Pelican Town, and check out the caged skeleton. Once you’ve had enough of Spirit’s Eve, head back to your farm and start preparing for Winter.

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