Stardew Valley: Everything You Need To Know About Special Item Drops

What are special item drops and what is there to know about them? Chances are even if you're a Stardew Valley veteran, you might not know about special item drops. Our guide will go over everything you should know about these special drops, so take a look.

The Mines are the first dangerous place you'll venture into in Stardew Valley. However, exploring them is crucial to progress in the game and to improve your equipment. Eventually, you'll also unlock the Skull Cavern with its own special item drops, as well as the Quarry next to the mines. However, the drops will depend on the location you're exploring and which floor you're on.

What Are Special Items?

As you explore the various hazardous locations of the game you will come across different types of loot, lots of it, actually. The game has quite a wide variety of items and it's only grown with recent updates. There are items that can only be obtained as special monster drops or inside special crates and barrels, these are called special items.

Special monsters and special crates and barrels look the same as their standard counterparts so there is no way to tell them apart and that's the tricky part of this all. Only 2.2% of all crates and barrels will drop special items and only 0.2% of monsters will drop special items, except slimes where the chances are slightly better, although still slim – 1.2% of slimes drop special items.

The Mines

The special items you can find will depend on the level you're on or if you've activated the Shrine of Challenge. In case the Shrine of Challenge has been activated, the loot will be the same regardless of which floor you're on. Activating the Shrine of Challenge and going into the mines is also a great way to farm radioactive ore.

FloorSpecial Items
0-19Carving Knife (17%) Rubber Boots (17%) Small Glow Ring (17%) Small Magnet Ring (17%) Sneakers (17%) Wood Club (17%)
20-39Forest Sword (14%) Rubber Boots (14%) Small Glow Ring (14%) Small Magnet Ring (14%) Sneakers (14%) Wind Spire (14%) Wood Club (17%)
40-59Forest Sword (14%) Glow Ring (14%) Iron Edge (14%) Lead Rod (14%) Magnet Ring (14%) Thermal Boots (14%) Wood Mallet (14%)
60-79Combat Boots (14%) Glow Ring (14%) Lead Rod (14%) Magnet Ring (14%) Shadow Dagger (14%) Thermal Boots (14%) Wood Mallet (14%)
80-99Burglar's Shank (14%) Dark Boots (14%) Genie Shoes (14%) Tempered Broadsword (14%) The Slammer (14%) Yeti Tooth (28%)
100-119Burglar's Shank (14%) Dark Boots (14%) Genie Shoes (14%) Immunity Band (14%) Kudgel (14%) Shadow Dagger (14%) Steel Falchion (14%)
Any floor (Shrine of Challenge)Auto-petter (2%) Enricher (14%) Iridium Band (14%) Iridium Needle (14%) Qi Gem (14%) Pressure Nozzle (14%) Radioactive Bar (14%) Random Treasure Room (14%)

Skull Cavern And Quarry Mine

Monsters also have a chance of dropping special items in the Skull Cavern and the Quarry Mine. The loot that can drop is the same regardless of which floor you might be on.

LocationSpecial Items
Quarry Mine Skull CavernBattery Pack (8%) Burglar's Shank (8%) Curiosity Lure (8%) Crystal Shoes (8%) Dark Boots (8%) Genie Shoes (8%) Immunity Band (8%) Lucky Ring (8%) Steel Falchion (8%) Tempered Broadsword (8%) The Slammer (8%) Wicked Kris (8%)

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