Stardew Valley: Every Qi Challenge and What Their Rewards Are

Stardew Valley has added in a lot of new things to do for both newcomers to the series and the veteran players. While the island farm will be a major attraction for most players, long-term fans of the game will be happy to know that a new Qi related room is available on Ginger Island. The room contains a shop, a statue to help make the game harder, and a special orders board. The special orders board has ten challenges for players to complete that will truly test their skills at the game.

In return for finishing the request, a reward of Qi gems will be given that allows players to buy some of the most powerful items in the game.

Accessing Qi’s Walnut Room

Qi’s Walnut room is in no way easy to access. The door to the room is located on the west side of Ginger Island near the pirate’s wife. It is on the side of a cliff and is easy to identify since the door is a bright purple. The player won’t be able to get into the room until they have found at least 100 golden walnuts. This is thirty fewer golden walnuts than are available in the game.

The Challenges

Like with the original special orders board in Pelican town, only two quests will be available to choose from each week. The player can only take one quest per week, and the board will refresh on Monday, regardless of whether the player is still doing the previous week’s quest or not. It is possible to take on multiple Qi quests at the same time if the player times accepting the requests right, but it’s highly advised against.

Qi’s Crop ( 100 Gems)

Qi’s Crop is a quest that gives the player 28 days to grow Qi fruit and ship 100 pieces of the crop. The Qi Fruit is only worth a single gold, but it can be grown at any time of year. In addition, the plant takes three days to grow and is a single harvest crop.

Qi’s Crops may seem like an easy task at first, until it’s revealed that the player will have to find the beans needed to grow the mysterious piece of produce. Qi Bean can be found through the following methods:

  • Breaking Geodes
  • Fishing Treasure
  • Breaking Rocks
  • Chopping Trees
  • Shaking Coconut Trees
  • Breakin Dungeon Crates

One of the best ways to quickly multiply the number of seeds you have is to use a seed maker on the first few pieces of fruit.

Let’s Play a Game (10 Gems)

Let’s Play a Game is among one of the hardest challenges on the board. The request centers around the endless mode of Junimo Kart, a game that can be found in the saloon after the player receives the skull key. The endless mode gives that player a single life and tasks them with collecting 50,000 points in one go.

The best way to go about this challenge is by practicing the game in the regular mode and familiarizing yourself with the eight different tracks the mode runs through. Once started, the player has seven days to complete the challenge.

Four Precious Stones ( 40 Gems)

Four Precious Stones is a quest that can quickly be completed as long as the player has four prismatic shards in their inventory. The quest simply requires four prismatic shards to be shipped out at once and has a generous time limit of 28 days.

Prismatic shards can be found the easiest by looking for mystic nodes in the mines, fighting monsters, or mining iridium.

Qi’s Hungry Challenge ( 25 Gems)

This challenge involves taking on the skull cavern while not being able to heal yourself. Qi requires the player to make it to floor 100 in a single run without having to heal. The player is only given seven days to complete the challenge, and going into the mines on a good luck day is highly recommended.

The easiest way to complete this challenge is by using staircases to quickly move through the floor. Players should note that this is especially expensive as it takes 99 stone per staircase, and a player will need 99 staircases to complete the challenge. Stone can be gathered, but the fastest method is buying it all from Robin for a grand total of 980,010 gold.

Qi’s Cuisine ( 25 Gems)

Qi’s Cuisine tasks the player with cooking and shipping 100,000 gold worth of recipes. Only items that are marked fresh and cooked after the start of the challenge will count towards the total. The player will have fourteen days to complete the challenge.

Unlike crops, recipes don’t have a quality level to boost their value, and the most profitable recipes only sell for 500 gold. Even with the most expensive recipes, the player would have to ship 200 dishes. The best way to complete the request is by accessing your personal inventory to see what ingredients you have the most of. For players who don’t keep ingredients, making triple shot espresso may be the quickest and cheapest way to complete the challenge.

Qi’s Kindness ( 40 Gems)

Qi’s Kindness requires players to give out 50 loved gifts in seven days. There are a total of 29 villagers in the game, including Leo, who can accept two gifts a week. One of the easiest ways to go about this is by using a combination of gifts and the following universal loves:

  • Rabbit’s Foot
  • Prismatic Shard
  • Rock Candy
  • Pearl
  • Gold Pumpkin

Out of the universal loves, rabbit’s foot is the easiest to harvest with the right coop set-up. For players who possess a lot of gems and cooked dishes, the challenge can turn out to be pretty easy. Be sure to refer to gifting charts to quickly get through the request within a couple of days.

Extended Family ( 20 Gems)

Extended Family is a fishing focused quest that sends the player to capture the harder versions of the five legendary fish. These fish will be located in the spots of the regular legendaries, and players are given just three days to catch them at the following locations:

  • The Legend II – Mountain Lake Middle
  • Son of a Crimsonfish – Secret Beach Pier
  • Radioactive Carp – Sewers
  • Glacierfish Jr. – Bottom of the Forest Island
  • Ms. Angler – River Section Nearest the Town Mountain Entrance

To increase the chance of catching these fish, use an iridium rod paired with wild bait.

Danger in The Deep ( 50 Gems)

Danger in The Deep is a Qi challenge that introduces tougher monsters to the mine and tasks the player with once again reaching the bottom floor. The elevator is reset, and the player must complete the task within a week. Luckily, the challenge also introduces several new types of items to the original mine:

  • Radioactive ore
  • Radioactive Bar
  • Iridium Needle
  • Iridium Band
  • Enricher
  • Pressure Nozzle
  • Qi Gems
  • Auto-Petter

The items can be activated from the statue in the Walnut Room by turning up the mine’s difficulty outside of the challenge. Players that just want to quickly make their way down can use a combination of bombs and staircases. Just be sure to go on a good luck day if possible and equip the galaxy sword and cinderclown shoes.

Skull Cavern Invasion (40 Gems)

Skull Cavern Invasion follows the same logic as Danger in The Deep. The cavern’s monsters are now more powerful, and the player will need to make it to level 100. This needs to be done in seven days, but the increased difficulty allows the player a chance to get some of the rare items mentioned above.

Skull Cavern does have tougher monsters, so players should bring even more food with them and may want to consider using the staircase strategy to make it to floor 100.

Qi’s Prismatic Grange (35 Gems)

Qi’s Prismatic Grange is a request that players will need to stock up items for. In order to complete it, the player needs to place 100 items of each required color in Qi’s collection box. The colors required are red, orange, blue, green, purple, and yellow.

Players should try to keep count of the amount of each color donated, as the easiest way to finish the challenge is by mixing and matching excess items.

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