Star Wars Eclipse Might Not Launch Until 2027

2021's Game Awards are pretty far off in the rearview mirror at this point. However, some of the reveals made during the show will influence the industry for years to come. Some of the bigger trailers shown off by Geoff Keighley included a first look at Sonic Frontiers and the reveal that a Wonder Woman game is in the works. One of the other big reveals was the announcement of an all-new Star Wars game, Eclipse.

The cinematic trailer was pretty breathtaking, but the reveal Quantic Dream is the studio working on Eclipse took the wind out of many people watching in a different way. Quantic Dream has been accused of harboring a toxic work environment, hence the dismay of some that it is working on Star Wars Eclipse. No sooner had the trailer aired were people taking to social media in an attempt to spread the word and inform others of the allegations made against the studio.

The reports about Quantic Dream's work environment have apparently made it difficult for the studio to hire people to work on Eclipse. According to industry insider Tom Henderson, that's one of the reasons why it will probably be a long time until we actually get to play Eclipse. In fact, the game might not be on the shelves and on our consoles until 2027. It's entirely possible some of us could be playing PS6s and whatever Xbox is coming next by that point.

According to Henderson, Eclipse has already been in development for 18 months. The game has not progressed very far in that time, hence the possibility of it needing another five years before it's finished. Quantic Dream also has a lack of resources, and possibly a lack of experience when it comes to a game like Eclipse. Its Star Wars game will reportedly be open world and have a multiplayer component, both areas of the industry Quantic Dream has very little experience with.

These are very early days for Eclipse, which begs the question why has the game already been announced? If the last few years have taught us anything, it's that nothing good can come from announcing a game years before it will ever hit the market. CDPR and Square Enix learned that the hard way with Cyberpunk 2077 and Marvel's Avengers, respectively.

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