Splatoon Dataminers Have Uncovered The Series’ First World Map

Splatoon dataminers have uncovered the series' first world map thanks to a texture found in Sheldon's Ammo Knights store.

Splatoon 3's first Splatfest goes live tomorrow, but players can already jump into the demo to customise their character, explore the city, and try out some weapons in the firing range. As you might expect, the Splatfest demo also contains plenty of content hidden within the game's files that has already been extracted, with one texture in particular causing a stir in the fanbase.

As reported by Nintendo Life, Splatoon dataminer rassicas managed to delve into the Splatfest's textures and find a hi-res version of a map that can be seen displayed on the walls of Sheldon's Ammo Knights. The map itself gives us our first look at the world of Splatoon and, as the surprisingly dark lore has been hinting at for some time, it's clearly just a map of Earth, but with several continents and countries flooded.

Although the texture itself does have writing on it, several dataminers have claimed that it's indecipherable, whether due to the words not making sense within Splatoon's established language or because the text is too difficult to read. Interestingly, despite the map having some pretty detailed textures and clearly having some work put into it, it's not easily viewable when visiting Ammo Knights, as the depth-of-field effect placed on it makes it look incredibly blurry.

Another fun detail spotted on the map is that certain sections of it actually look like a whale and a squid. It's not clear if this is just a fun little detail or a hint at something bigger, but it's worth pointing out that Splatoon 3's AI symbol also resembles a whale, possibly tying into the story mode in some way.

In fact, the amount of work that's been put into the map does make it seem more likely that it'll play some role in the game's story mode, perhaps when revealing how the Mammalians managed to come back after so much time.

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