Spider-Man Remastered Is Coming To PC On August 12

A whole new platform of players will soon be able to experience Spider-Man Remastered as it's swinging over to PC on August 12. The game looks to be the same as the original on PS5, although PC players will obviously be able to benefit from higher frame rates and visuals. Spider-Man Remastered is just one of several games that have made the jump from PlayStation to PC, including Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted, and God of War.

If you've yet to play Spider-Man on PS4 or PS5, the game follows Peter Parker who fights a variety of different Spider-Man villains on a quest to stop Mr Negative from taking over New York. Unfortunately, there was no sign of spin-off game Spider-Man: Miles Morales, but if Sony is willing to have the first game launch on PC, you'd have to assume that subsequent Spider-Man game will make the jump eventually.

This PC port was announced during Sony's latest State of Play which was chocked full of exciting announcements. One of the was the reveal of Resident Evil 4 Remake which is confirmed to be launching on March 24 next year. In the new trailer, we get to see a nice high-def version of Leon Kennedy as Resident Evil 4 Remake looks to a little darker than the original, but still pretty faithful in terms of the environments.

A good portion of the show was also dedicated to some of the titles you'll be able to play on the PSVR 2 when it launches. We got a further look at Horizon: Call of the Mountain as well as the reveal that Resident Evil Village will be getting VR support at some point down the line as well. Neither title got a release date since Sony is still keeping tight-lipped about when the system will actually launch, but both are expected to be launch titles.

Other big announcements included a new trailer for Final Fantasy 16, as well as a first look at Street Fighter 6 in action.

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