Spelunky 2: How To Beat The Stars Challenge

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While Spelunky definitely had its fair share of extra content, Spelunky 2 steps it up not only in terms of secrets but also activities. While normally it wouldn’t feel comfortable to spend time in levels that have a ticking clock, the presence of a timer and the extra 30 seconds added to the Ghost spawn allows for more freedom.

Spelunky 2 also has more types of NPCs to meet who all have different services or requests to encounter, making these caves far more interesting than ever before. To add an extra degree of difficulty while visiting them, you can attempt things like the Stars Challenge for extra rewards.

What Is The Stars Challenge?

Of the three celestial body challenges, the Stars Challenge is one that is entirely optional no matter what kind of run you’re doing. It’s purely there to offer an additional task to complete with the promise of some pretty powerful rewards. This is another Challenge run by the mysterious woman Tun, who charges you $25,000 to attempt it.

In order to undertake the Stars Challenge, you’ll need to make it to world four, which will be either the Temple Of Anubis or the Tide Pool. Unlike the other challenges, the Stars Challenge will only ever spawn on level 4-2 of either of the worlds. As is the standard, Tun’s chamber to undertake it will always be in the corner.

This challenge is a timed navigation challenge. There are no traps or enemies to give you a hard time, only a ton of unlit Torches. Your objective is to light all the Torches in the chamber within 30 seconds. If you succeed, you get either the Elixir (Temple) or the Clone Gun (Pool).

Beating The Stars Challenge

Of the celestial challenges, this challenge is easily the safest but is nonetheless difficult. You’ll only be given a Torch and a Crossbow to complete it.

  • The chamber has a combination of lit and unlit Torches. There are around 40 unlit Torches arranged around the chamber. As soon as the challenge starts, take note of the Torches near the good and run through them to light them instantly.
  • All the Torches can be reached by either jumping or climbing, so don’t waste time throwing the Torch around as you’ll need to collect it on missed throws.
  • The Crossbow located on the level above the entrance can be used to light Torches in a row. However, considering the arrangement of the Torches and the time lost from switching items and setting up shots, the Crossbow is best ignored.
  • The fastest route to hit all the Torches is to go around the outside of the chamber before getting to the inside Torches.
  • Speed and mobility are absolutely necessary for this challenge, so you should collect gear that improves that. Both the Spring Shoes and the Jetpack boost your jumping to hit more than one elevated Torch easily.
  • If you’re planning to do this challenge, avoid picking up Climbing Gloves as you’ll lose lots of time getting stuck to the wall.

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