Sony’s secret PS5 feature is one that Xbox Series X can’t match

The wait is almost over as the PS5 release date is nearly here, with Sony’s next-generation console launching in just over a month’s time. The PS5 arrives in the UK on November 19, but will be hitting shelves in other regions such as the US and Japan on November 12. And those lucky enough to get a pre-order in need to know about one secret PS5 feature that Sony has been quietly keeping to themselves.

There have been a number of high-profile PS5 events this year, with the big reveal event in June and the recent PlayStation 5 Showcase in September.

The bulk of these events focused on the games heading to the PS5, including exclusive titles such as Demon’s Souls, Final Fantasy 16 and God of War Ragnarok.

While the unveiling of the PS5’s design and price were also big announcements.

But there is one unique feature of the PS5 that Sony did not reveal in these events.

This week an in-depth teardown video of the PS5 was released, showing what’s on the inside of Sony’s next-generation console. And one of the most interesting aspects of this video was the reveal that the white panels of the PS5 – which feature on either side of the central unit – can easily be removed.

In the teardown video Yasuhiro Ootori – the VP of the mechanical design department hardware design division at SIE – said: “The white panels on both sides can be removed by the users themselves”. This unique feature of the PS5 could open the door to console customisation the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

The Xbox 360 was one console that dabbled in user customisation, with a range of faceplates available which allowed gamers to change the look of their console. But as the name suggests these faceplates only altered the design of the 360’s front, with the sides left untouched.

With the PS5, meanwhile, it looks like gamers will be able to change the entire look of the console by swapping out the panels. Sony hasn’t confirmed that they will release bespoke PS5 panels, but it seems like a logical step to take given how easy it is to remove the casing.

Even if Sony decides against releasing themed PS5 panels, it’s likely third-party manufacturers could try their hand at doing this. This was suggested as much by popular gaming tweeter Nibel who posted: “Considering how easy it is to remove the plates (and that the presenter notes that users can do this by themselves), customised plates are only a matter of time”.

The ability to swap out PS5 panels could also do away entirely with need for limited edition PlayStation consoles seen in the past. This generation has seen tonnes of limited edition consoles released, such as the recent Last of Us 2 PS4 Pro and the absolutely gorgeous Persona 5 Royal PS4.

But thanks to the easy customisation of the PS5 you won’t need to buy an entirely new console if you’re a huge fan of a particular game and want your PS5 to show that.

You would just have to buy a themed plate if and when they do become available.

Microsoft’s rival Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console’s don’t offer this kind of customisation, meaning you would have to rely on potential limited edition versions.

If you want a glimpse of what some of these customisable PS5 plates could look like, then LetsGoDigital have a great example.

They teamed up with artist Giuseppe Spinelli (aka Snoreyn) for a mock-up of a Miles Morales themed PS5.

And this eye-catching mock-up gives a good idea of some of the sleek looking faceplates that could end up coming to the PS5 in the future.

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