Sony Reveals First Look At Gran Turismo Movie, Releases August 11

Sony has given us a brief look at the upcoming Gran Turismo movie which is releasing later this year. During the company's CES 2023 showcase, Sony and director Neil Blomkamp revealed a few parts from the movie which gave us a first look at some of the movie's characters as well as some racing scenes.

During the sneak peak, we see stars such as David Harbour and Orlando Bloom, the latter of the two describing the film as something that is "made for cinema." The movie is also described as having "heart-pounding action" as well as being a "love story," suggesting the main character will have a romantic interest. Sony also confirmed once again that the Gran Turismo movie will be launching worldwide on August 11 exclusively in theatres.

Shortly before revealing the trailer itself, it was also revealed that the film will be making use of new technology to simulate certain camera angles that players experience in the games. For example, there will be several instances in the film that show you the persepctive from the grill, the first-person view from inside the cockpit, and the angle just above the car's rear that most of us will be familiar with. In fact, we can see an example of this angle early in the trailer.

As for what we already know about the title, it's already been announced that it will be based on a true story. The movie will apparently focus on a teenage Gran Turismo player who hones their skills in their parents basement before moving on to become a real racer. We don't know much more other than that and what was revealed today, but we will only have to wait 7 months to find out.

In other Gran Turismo news, it was also announced during the same event that Gran Turismo 7 will be coming to PS VR2 when the system launches next month. Not only that, existing owners of the title will be able to upgrade their title for free.

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