Sony Reveals 19.3 Million PS5s Have Been Sold So Far

It has been 18 months since the current generation of consoles kicked off with the arrivals of the Xbox Series X|S and the PS5 a few days later. Despite all that time having already passed, both consoles are still proving hard to come by. That doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon as experts now predict the chip shortage causing that scarcity will continue until at least 2024. Despite that shortage, Sony has managed to sell 19.3 million PS5s so far.

That's according to Sony's most recent financial report, relaying its numbers from the first three months of 2022. 19.3 million PS5s sold as of March 31, 2022. Two million of those were sold in Q1 2022, a significant drop compared to the 3.3 million sold during Q4 2021. Understandable and somewhat expected since the prior quarter includes the holiday season, a time during which all console sales receive a significant bump compared to the rest of the year.

While 19.3 million certainly sounds like a lot, and is already more than consoles such as the Wii U and PlayStation's own Vita managed during their entire runs, it's quite a bit less than the target Sony had set itself. Sony had hoped to better the 14.8 million PS4s sold during the previous console's first full financial year. However, the Q1 2022 figures confirm the PS5 has fallen well short of that target, selling 11.5 million units between April 2021 and March 2022.

Speaking of the PS4, the last-gen console continues to sell even though it has been replaced and more studios opt for their games to be current-gen exclusive. 100,000 PS4s were sold during the first quarter of this year, bringing the console's lifetime sales up to 117.2 million. That solidifies its position as the second best-selling home console ever, although the Switch may soon overtake it. Nintendo's latest offering recently surpassed 100 million sold, leaving its older sibling the Wii eating its dust.

Elsewhere in Sony's report, the number of PS Plus users was confirmed to have dropped ever so slightly from 47.6 million to 47.4 million. This section of Sony's next financial report will make for interesting reading as it will provide an early indicator as to how well the launch of its new PS Plus system has gone. The three-tier service, which launches in Asia this month and other parts of the world in June, will combine Plus and Now, bringing a collection of games from older consoles to users who opt for its most expensive tier, Premium.

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