Sony is selling real-life PlayStation loot crates at Comic-Con booth

This weekend at Comic-Con, PlayStation is selling real-life loot boxes. Actual, physical surprise mechan— I mean, “Mystery Boxes.” Is this a good idea?

Announced yesterday, the loot crates are $60 and their random contents include “five new limited edition PlayStation-branded items, averaging a total value of $90 MSRP.” Naturally, they aren’t saying what these branded items are, whether someone cleaned out a Public Storage locker full of PlayStation Home and Fat Princess swag, or if it’s actually good merch.

Pictured: a surprise mechanic
Sony Interactive Entertainment

A new box will be offered each day, giving buyers “a chance to collect a total of 25 limited edition items.” Fewer than 500 of each loot box will be made, and they’ll be sold at the PlayStation booth. Sony will sell what leftover crates remain on Sunday.

For those going, the PlayStation Gear Store is Booth 121. We’ll update this post if there are any Congressional investigations in the meantime.

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